Submissions from 2017

Is Sexting Good for a Relationship? It Depends…, Michelle Drouin, Manda Coupe, Sarah Bade, and Miriam Romaneli

It’s True: No One Knows You’re a Dog on The Internet, Michelle Drouin, Vince Egan, Nicholas Yergens, Elli Hernandez, Miriam Greidanus-Romaneli, and Jordan Brown

No One Wants to Chat with Bots: Building E-social Capital, Michelle Drouin, Miriam Gredanus-Romaneli, Elli Hernandez, and David Ryan Polgar

Liar, Liar, Tweets on Fire! Online Deception Across Four Venues, Michelle Drouin, Elli Hernandez, Daniel Miller, Shaun Wehle, and Tyler Wallace

Too Drunk to Drive, Too Drunk to Consent?, Michelle Drouin, Genni Newsham, Jedidiah Davis, Rachael Baker, and Kristen Jozkowski

Undergraduates’ Perceptions of Peer Interactions with a Peer Mentor, Destin Furnas, Christopher LaFontaine, Kathleen Miller-Sweet, Matthew McLaughlin, Brianna Dailey, Grant Music, Manal Saeed, Micheline Garrett, Patricia Crim, Jenae Trier, and Lesa Rae Vartanian

The Relationship Between Personality Traits and Attitudes Toward Text Message Responses, Daren H. Kaiser, Michelle Drouin, Kulood Alzayadi, Miriam Greidanus-Romaneli, Hannah Nissley, and Melissa Pfefferkorn


Russia and the Use of Trade Policy: Concentration with Soviet Successor States, Carol K G Lutz and James M. Lutz

Social Network Behavior and Romantic Relationships: A Across-lagged Panel Analysis, Daniel Miller, Michelle Drouin, Elli Hernandez, Jordan Brown, and Manal Saeed

Who Engages in Risky Online Sexual Activity?, Daniel Miller, Michelle Drouin, Genni Newsham, Rachel Gilreath, and Logan Thacker

Unfolding case studies: Discovery of ways to stimulate students’ deeper learning, Nila Reimer and Laurie Berghoff

Prepare, Motivate, Lead: The Development of a Peer Mentoring and Leadership Service Learning Capstone Course for Psychology Majors, Lesa R. Vartanian, Patricia Crim, Brianna Dailey, Destin Furnas, Christopher LaFontaine, Micheline Garrett, Matthew McLaughlin, Kathleen Miller-Sweet, Grant Music, Issac Puff, Manal Saeed, and Jenae Trier

Submissions from 2016

Considerations for Testing Spatial Cognition in Mice, Lucas C. Carstensen, Rhen M. Biggs, and Ryan M. Yoder

Role of Otolith Signals in Exploratory Behaviors, Lucia Cherep, Philip A. Blankenship, Sarah Brockman, Alexandria D. Trainer, James D. Benson, Ryan M. Yoder, and Douglas G. Wallace

Sequential Analysis of Exploratory Behavior in Rats and Mice, Tia N. Donaldson, Lucia Cherep, Philip A. Blankenship, Alexandria D. Trainer, Ryan M. Yoder, and Douglas G. Wallace


The effects of a cooperative learning environment on preservice elementary teachers’ interest in and the application of music into core academic subjects, John Okley Egger


Music Therapy 101: What It Means to Be a Music Therapist, Peggy A. Farlow and Moriah Landon

Timing of the Precambrian rise in atmospheric oxygen through molecular evolutionary reconstruction of the cyanobacterial sunscreen scytonemin, Ferran Garcia-Pichel, Martin Wojciechowski, Jonathan Lombard, Steven Wu, Sean Dunaj, and Tanya Soule

Best Management Practices and Soil Water Quality: Adams County, Indiana, Heath Hurst and Solomon A. Isiorho


Global Warming/ Climate Change: Involving Students Using Local Example, Solomon A. Isiorho


Surface water ground water interaction: Global warming or Climate change?, Solomon A. Isiorho

Interethnic prejudice as a function of identity and perceived conflict, Audrey James, Elisa Hernandez, Zachary C. Roth, and Jay W. Jackson

As the Grains Move Down the Creek: The IPFW Case, Shelby Johnson and Solomon A. Isiorho

Prepare, Motivate, Lead: Peer Mentoring and Leadership, Christopher LaFontaine, Issac Puff, Grant Music, Brianna Dailey, Manal Saeed, Destin Furnas, Matthew McLaughlin, Jenae Trier, Micheline Garrett, Patricia Crim, Kathleen Miller-Sweet, and Lesa Vartanian


Embracing Inference as Action: A Step Towards Human-Level Reasoning, John Licato and Max Fowler

From Social Anxiety to Interpersonal Connectedness: Face-to-Face, Phone or IM?, Brenda L. Lundy, Michelle Drouin, G Calderon, K Dammeyer, M Romaneli, and V Perea

Social Network Behaviors, Personality, and Romantic Relationships, Daniel Miller, Michelle Drouin, Gladys Calderon, and Elisa Hernandez

All in a Hard Day's Hydrogeology Field Work, Paul O'Malley, Solomon A. Isiorho, Dan Deifenbaugh, Heath Hurst, Ross Yeater, David Cole, Heather Simpson, Michael Kalakay, and Carolyn Pendrick

Social Conformity to Moral Dilemmas, Danielle Parsons and Jay W. Jackson

Let’s make discussion forums more significant in the online classroom, Deborah Poling, Sarah Beckman, Shannon F. Johnson, and V Jenkins

Response of Massasaugas (Sistrurus catenatus) to habitat alteration from timber harvest and fire near their northern range limit, Michael J. Ravesi, Evin T. Carter, Sasha J. Tetzlaff, Brett A. DeGregorio, and Bruce A. Kingsbury Ph.D.

Gender Differences in Sexting Coercion as a Component of Polyvictimization, Jody Ross, Michelle Drouin, Amanda Coupe, Matthew McLaughlin, and Shannon Kinsella

Biased Interethnic Memories are Moderated by Ethnic Identity, Zachary C. Roth, Ugochinyere Onyeukwu, Audrey James, and Jay W. Jackson

To Forage, Mate or Thermoregulate? Influence of Food Supplementation on an Imperiled Rattlesnake (Sistrurus Catenatus), S J. Tetzlaff, E T. Carter, M J. Ravesi, B A. DeGregorio, and Bruce A. Kingsbury Ph.D.

A Study of Anonymous Responses on the Wall on a Higher Education Campus, Mieko Yamada, Christopher LaFontaine, and Casey Meadows

Monitoring Groundwater Properties within a Wetland on the IPFW Campus, Ross Yeaters and Solomon A. Isiorho

Submissions from 2015


EMI reduction of boost APFC based energy system, Istiaque Mauf Ahmad, Ming Li, A. Eroglu, C. Pomalaza-Ráez, and Roger Becerra

Otolithic Involvement in the Organization of Exploratory Movements, L A. Cherep, P A. Blankenship, S A. Brockman, A D. Trainer, J D. Benson, Ryan M. Yoder, and D G. Wallace

The Female Body in Feminist Spaces: The Critical Rhetoric of Jezebel’s Rreatment of Retouched Celebrity Photos, M Cotton and Michelle Kelsey Kearl


Field Trip #1 – “Stratigraphy and Sedimentology of the Upper Ordovician in Southeastern Indiana”, Benjamin F. Dattilo


Taphonomic Comparisons of Two Laurentian Upper Ordovician Epeiric Sea “Small Shelly Faunas”, Benjamin F. Dattilo, Rebecca L. Freeman, Jessie Reeder, Amanda Straw, and Christopher D. Aucoin


Origin and Importance of Shell Beds in the Logana Member of the Lexington Limestone, (Katian, Ordovician) on the south flank of the Seebree Through, Cincinnati, Ohio, Benjamin F. Dattilo, Collin Lambert, Allison Young, and Carlton E. Brett


Ordivician small shelly fauna from the Elgin Member of the Maquoketa: Ecologically dwarfed or taphonomically biased?, Benjamin F. Dattilo, Jessie Reeder, Rebecca L. Freeman, and Anne S. Argast

Three-Dimensional Reconstruction of a Stegosaurus Dorsal Plate and an Alligator Scute, Dan Deifenbaugh, Benjamin Aeschliman, Paul Barrett, Charlotte Brassey, James O. Farlow, Shoji Hayashi, and Beomjin Kim


On the Checkmark Function Polynomial Approximation, Peter D. Dragnev, David Benko, and Altun Shukurlu

High power combiner/divider design for dual band RF power amplifiers, K J. Flattery, S Amin, Y Mahamat, A. Eroglu, and D Ronnow

Readmitted Students: A Unique Population, Corrie N. Fox and Gabrielle Warner

Negotiating and Redefining the Identity of a Writing Center-in-Flux, Kristine M. Frye, Jennifer L. Stewart, and Rachel E. Abraham

The complete model of high efficient drive system for electric vehicles, A Gannon, B Henry, and A. Eroglu

Grouping through the mud with snakes: The wetland class group project., Solomon A. Isiorho, Brittany Kime, Jared Smith, and Branden Davis

Observation of Sediment Grain Size Distribution Change Along a Creek Profile in Indiana, USA, Shelby Johnston and Solomon A. Isiorho


Timing in rats is disrupted by an increased attentional load, Daren H. Kaiser and Amy Hart

Electric-Arc Synthesis of New and Uncommon Endohedral Metallofullerenes, B L. Kime and Steven Stevenson

Water Quality Along a River Profile in Rural Agricultural Setting in the Midwest, Northeast Indiana, Brittany Kime and Solomon A. Isiorho


Microfacies of Curdsville through Grier beneath Cincinnati; characterizing the Utica –Lexington transition in the subsurface, Collin Lambert, Benjamin F. Dattilo, Allison Young, and Carlton Brett

Effects of video game experience on Perceived Self-motion in a Stereoscopic Display, Carol Lawton, Ryan Harvey, Andrew H. Horton, Crysta A. Terry, and Carrie E. Serna

Sex Differences in Perceived Self-movement in a Stereoscopic HMD, Carol Lawton, Ryan Harvey, Crysta A. Terry, Andrew H. Horton, and Carrie E. Serna

Children’s Mind-Related Comments During Collaborative Problem-Solving Predict Theory of Mind, Brenda L. Lundy, G Fyfe, and S Anderson

Parental Depressive Symptoms Predict More Punitive Reactions to Children’s Negative Emotions, Brenda L. Lundy, G Fyfe, and S Anderson

Affinity Seeking Strategies: At the Crossroads of Better Communication and Appreciative Advising, Irwin Mallin and Amanda Seilheimer

Nutrients and Dissolved Oxygen Levels of an Open Aquifer System, Tessa Matthews, Sarah Budd, and Solomon A. Isiorho


Modeling, Simulation, and Implementation of an Electric Vehicle, C McIntosh, J Weaver, A Cobos, A Swihart, M Eilerman, A. Eroglu, Hosni Abu-Mulaweh, and Hossein Oloomi

What is the Relationship Between Waterfowl Population and the MPN of a Zoo’s Pond in Indiana, Kaitlin McMichael and Solomon A. Isiorho


Laboratory Development for Electrical Power & Control Course, O. D. Momoh Ph.D., A J. Deventer, and N R. Beemer

Student Emersion in Engineering and Geosciences Research: One-Way of Strengthening the Disciplines, David O. Omole, Solomon A. Isiorho, Theophilus Tenebe, and PraiseGod Emenike


Population Gradients in Globular Clusters, Catherine A. Pilachowski, Stephen D. Gillam, and Brian J. Brondel

Long-Term Response of the Massasauga (Sistrurus Catenatus) to Habitat Alteration from Timber Harvest, Michael Ravesi, Sasha Tetzlaff, Brett Degregorio, and Bruce A. Kingsbury Ph.D.

A Taxonomy of CSR Political Behavior, Gordon B. Schmidt, Kimberly W. O'Connor, and William Jettinghoff

A two-component regulatory system associated with the ultraviolet protective pigment scytonemin in cyanobacteria, Tanya Soule, S. Naurin, and J. Janssen

Influence of Supplemental Feeding on Spatial Ecology and Habitat Use of Male Massasaugas (Sistrurus Catenatus), Sasha Tetzlaff, Evin Carter, Michael Ravesi, Brett Degregorio, and Bruce A. Kingsbury Ph.D.

The Voting Behavior of Bureaucrats, Matthew C. Veil and Nurgul R. Aitalieva Ph.D.

Submissions from 2014


The Influence of Sibling Gender Configuration on Maternal Attitudes about Gender Socialization and Children's Gender Development, Judith Elaine Blakemore, Elizabeth L. Phillips, Manaal Sajid, Hina Batool, and Ashlin Long

Nonverbal Immediacy Behaviors and Online Student Engagement: Bringing Past Instructional Research into the Present Virtual Classroom, Marcia D. Dixson, Mackenzie Greenwell, Sara Lauer, Christie Rogers-Stacy, and Tyson Weister

An Idle Mind is an Unhappy Playground, Michelle Drouin, Sarah Fulcher, Ashley McMahon, Anna Reese, and Danielle Workman

Stop Messaging and Call! Downfalls of IM for Interpersonal Communication, Michelle Drouin, Elizabeth Tobin, Kara Wygant, Kirstie Barbier, and Matthew Swick


Molecular Genetic Assessment of Population Structure of Copperheads (Agkistrodon Contortrix) in Southern Indiana, Anna Hartsuff and Mark A. Jordan

Postfeminist rhetoric in HBO’s Girls, C Hile and Michelle Kelsey Kearl

LGBTQ Coalition Building: A Case Study in Queer Community Making, Michelle Kelsey Kearl and G Sorce

Discovery of New Metal Clusters Entrapped Within Fullerene Cages, B L. Kime, T J. Byers, and Steven Stevenson

Submissions from 2013


So You Measured Chemical Parameters in a Well Field and So What?, Sarah K. Budd, Solomon Isiorho, and Tammy LAFAUCIA

Facebook Friends Lists: Threats to Current Romantic Relationships?, Michelle Drouin, Daniel Miller, Michelle Smith, Jared Sell, Shaquile Coonce, and Ashley McMahon

Unwanted but consensual sexting: Prevalence and relations with attachment., Michelle Drouin, Elizabeth Tobin, Janae Webb, Kara Wygant, and Alyssa Wilson

Male and Female Mice Show Similar Navigation Performance in Darkness, Elizabeth A. Goebel and Ryan M. Yoder

Consequences of the Intersectionality of Blues and Alternative Genres: A Postmodern Situation, C Hile and Michelle Kelsey Kearl

Head Direction Signal Degradation Contributes to Navigation Impairments, Seth L. Kirby, Ryan E. Harvey, and Ryan M. Yoder

Experience With Virtual Self-Motion: Effects on Motion Sickness, Carol Lawton, Carrie E. Serna, Crysta A. Terry, N M. Abel, Rhen M. Biggs, Lucas C. Carstensen, and Alexandria D. Trainer

An Independent Observation of Facultative Parthenogenesis in the Copperhead (Agkistrodon contortrix), Natasha Perrine, Evin T. Carter, and Mark A. Jordan

Commoditizing Occupy Wall Street: Co-Optation of a Subculture Social Movement, Alysen Wade and Michelle Kelsey Kearl

Submissions from 2012

Texting, textese and literacy abilities: A naturalistic study, Michelle Drouin and Brent Driver

Sexting among college students in different types of romantic relationships., Michelle Drouin, Elizabeth Jenkins, Julie Stills, Alisen Survey, and Kimberly Jewell


Impaired Spatial Learning in Otoconia-Deficient Mice, Ryan M. Yoder and Seth L. Kirby

Submissions from 2011


360 Degrees And 3-D: Holistic Assessment of Writing Centers, Alicia Alabbas, Mary Arnold Schwartz, Jane Ehle, and Bruce Busby

Use of textese in text messages: we dont clip r gs, Michelle Drouin, Brent Driver, Kimberly Jewell, Jennifer Baatz, Shima Bazazzadeh, and Julie Stills

Unknown Letters: Medieval and Modern Scribal Transmission of Foreign Alphabets, Damian Fleming

Sstructural Analysis of a Shear Zone in Tacuil (Province of Salta), NW Argentina, Aranzazu Pinan-Llamas, Preston Temple, Ivan Leon-Moreano, Jose Pablo Lopez, and Jose Escamilla-Casas

Submissions from 2010

A Five-Year Well Data, What Can it Tell Us?, Solomon A. Isiorho and A Morse

Water quality assessment of a Mid-West city water distribution system, Solomon Isiorho, A Morse, and N Flores

Submissions from 2009


Great Expectations: The Amazing Adventures of a New Graduate Assistant, Andrew Johnson and Mary Arnold Schwartz

A Comparison of Nitrate Levels in a Natural and a Constructed Wetland in the Kankakee River Basin of W Indiana, R. C. Nyznyk, D. R. Butcher, and Solomon Isiorho

Submissions from 2008

Teaching Environmental Education in Middle School Science: Radical Reflections of a Middle School Classroom Teacher, L. Watson and Solomon Isiorho