Submissions from 2016

An Analysis of a Hackberry-American Elm-Green Ash Forest Type at Moser Park, Allen County, Indiana, Kellie D. Adkins, Judy A. Chang, Lee A. Danels, LeAra M. DeBruhl, Mark M. Ellison, Jennifer L. Hammond, Dayna C. Klepper, Taylor M. Lehman, Samantha D. Rupert, Miloslava Shustova, Ryan R. Smith, Demi L. Thomas, Jacob A. Thompson, Lucas W. Vorndran, and Jordan M. Marshall


Public Confidence in Government: Public Service Motivation and Political Ideology, Diana Bernal, Stephanie Bixler, and Nurgul R. Aitalieva Ph.D.


Giants Among Micromorphs: Were Cincinnatian (Ordovician, Katian) Small Shelly Phosphatic Faunas Dwarfed?, Benjamin F. Dattilo, Rebecca L. Freeman, Winfried S. Peters, William P. Heimbrock, Bradley Deline, Anthony J. Martin, Jack W. Kallmeyer, Jessie Reeder, and Anne S. Argast

Gene Expression of a Two-Component Regulatory System Associated with Sunscreen Biosynthesis in the Cyanobacterium Nostoc Punctiforme ATCC 29133, Jacob Janssen and Tanya Soule


Forces from the Portal Govern the Late-Stage DNA Transport in a Viral DNA Packaging Nanomotor, Peng Jing, Benjamin Burris, and RONG ZHANG


Highly Efficient Integration of the Viral Portal Proteins from Different Types of Phages into Planar Bilayers for the Black Lipid Membrane Analysis, Peng Jing, Hallel Paraiso, and Benjamin Burris


Heterologous Complementation Studies Reveal the Solute Transport Profiles of a Two-Member Nucleobase Cation Symporter 1 (NCS1) Family in Physcomitrella Patens, Janet Minton, Micah Rapp, Amanda Stoffer, Neil P. Schultes, and George Mourad

The Response Regulator Npun_F1278 is Essential for Scytonemin Biosynthesis in the Cyanobacterium Nostoc Punctiforme ATCC 29133, Sejuti Naurin, Janine Bennett, Patrick Videau, Benjamin Philmus, and Tanya Soule

Effect of Osmolytes and Guanidinium Chloride on the Enzymatic Properties of Bovine α-Chymotrypsin, Mohammad Qasim


The Solute Specificity Profiles of Nucleobase Cation Symporter 1 (NCS1) from Zea Mays and Setaria Viridis Illustrate Functional Flexibility, Micah Rapp, Jessica Schein, Kevin A. Hunt, Vamsi Nalam, George Mourad, and Neil P. Schultes


Using Amazon Mechanical Turk and Other Compensated Crowd Sourcing Sites, Gordon B. Schmidt and William Jettinghoff

Submissions from 2015

Preliminary Report on the Oldenburg "Butter Shale" in the Upper Ordovician (Katian; Richmondian) Waynesville Formation, USA, Christopher D. Aucoin, Benjamin F. Dattilo, Carlton E. Brett, and Dan L. Cooper

Reusing Industrial robots to Achieve Sustainability in Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises, Zhuming M. Bi, Yanfei Liu, Blane Baumgartner, Eric Culver, J N. Sorokin, A Peters, B Cox, J Hunnicutt, J Yurek, and S O'Shaughnessey


Calibrating Water Depths of Ordovician Communities: Lithological and Ecological Controls on Depositional Gradients in Upper Ordovician Strata of Southern Ohio and North-Central Kentucky, USA, Carlton Brett, Thomas J. Malgieri, James R. Thomka, Christopher D. Aucoin, Benjamin F. Dattilo, and Cameron A. Schwalback

Development and Assessment of Ash Mortality Models in Relation to Emerald Ash Borer Infestation, Rachel E. Clark, Kayla N. Boyes, Lori E. Morgan, Andrew J. Storer, and Jordan M. Marshall

Cloud-based approach for spectrum monitoring, Todor Cooklev, James Darabi, Charles McIntosh, and Mahdis Mosaheb


Stop 2: Dinosaur Footprints from the Glen Rose Formation (Paluxy River, Dinosaur Valley State Park, Somervell County, Texas), James O. Farlow, Karl T. Bates, Rena Bonem, Benjamin F. Dattilo, Peter Falkingham, Raymond F. Gildner, Jerry Jacene, Glenn J. Kuban, Anthony J. Martin, Mike O'brien, and James Whitcraft

An Independent Observation of Facultative Parthenogenesis in the Copperhead (Agkistrodon contortrix), Mark A. Jordan, Natasha Perrine-Ripplinger, and Evin T. Carter

Preschoolers' Mind-related Comments During Collaborative Problem-solving: Parental Contributions and Developmental Outcomes, Brenda L. Lundy and Gracee Fyfe


The Ups and Downs of Diplocraterion in the Glen Rose Formation (Lower Cretaceous), Dinosaur Valley State Park, Texas (USA), Anthony J. Martin, Michael Blair, Benjamin F. Dattilo, Sadye C. Howald, and James O. Farlow


Heterologous Complementation Studies Reveal the Solute Transport Profiles of a Two-Member Nucleobase Cation Symporter 1 (NCS1) Family in Physcomitrella Patens, Janet A. Minton, Micah Rapp, Amanda J. Stoffer, Neil P. Schultes, and George Mourad


The Solute Specificity Profiles of Nucleobase Cation Symporter 1 (NCS1) from Zea Mays and Setaria Viridis Illustrate Functional Flexibility, Micah Rapp, Jessica Schein, Kevin A. Hunt, Vamsi Nalam, George Mourad, and Neil P. Schultes

Isolation and Crystallographic Characterization of Gd3N@D2(35)-C88 through Non-Chromatographic Methods, Steven Stevenson, K D. Arvola, M Fahim, B R. Martin, K B. Ghiassi, M M. Olmstead, and A L. Balch

Parallel cuda implementation of conflict detection for application to airspace deconfliction,, Elizabeth A. Thompson, Nathan Clem, David A. Peter, John Bryan, Barry I. Peterson, and Dave Holbrook

Robot communication link using 802.11n or 900 MHz OFDM, Elizabeth A. Thompson, C McIntosh, J Issacs, E Harmison, and R Sneary

Influence of Low Density Garlic Mustard Presence and Hardwood Leaf Litter Composition on Litter Dwelling Arthropod Diversity, Adam R. Warrix, Daniel Moore, and Jordan M. Marshall


Visual Interfaces Designed for Searching Text Content on Mobile Devices, Todd Welch, Gregory Short, and Beomjin Kim

Submissions from 2014


Structural and Architectural Designs of the Optimum Alternative for Rio 2016 Olympic Tennis Stadium, Mohammad A. Alhassan, Andres R. Montenegro, Bruno Carvalho, and Eduardo Sztrajtman


Comparative Analysis of Urban and Rural Forest Fragment Structure and Diversity in Northeastern Indiana, Kristine D. Arvola, Parker F. Booth, Charles C. Ellinwood, Angela J. Fry, Jason L. Furge, Kaitlyn A. Haehnle, Lauren E. Hall, Melanie A. Jablonski, Daniel K. Jones, Justin T. Martin, Kevin M. McLane, Kevan C. Mensch, Victoria A. Mumaw, Rebeca N. Quirindongo, Michael J. Ravesi, Jesse J. Rinard, Patrick R. Selig, Andrew P. Sellan, Maja B. Sljivar, Emily A. Stulik, Tasha R. Sunday, Alison N. Turley, Mark T. Voors, Adam R. Warrix, Tyler C. Wood, and Jordan M. Marshall

Digital Director - Matcher Toolkit, Shannon Bischoff, Max Fowler, David Bohan, and Rachel Abraham

Reducing The Potential for Human–Snake Encounters in A Recreational Park, Evin T. Carter, Omar Attum, Bryan Eads, Andrew S. Hoffman, and Bruce A. Kingsbury

Unwanted but Consensual Sexting Among Young Adults: Relations With Attachment and Sexual Motivations, Michelle Drouin and Elizabeth Tobin

“Love the way you lie”: Sexting deception in romantic relationships, Michelle Drouin, Elizabeth Tobin, and Kara Wygnat


Relationships Between Algal Biomass and Diversity with Stream Size and Adjacent Land Use, Rachel A. Habegger and Jordan M. Marshall


Microbial Isolations from Olive Ridley (Lepidochelys olivacea) and East Pacific Green (Chelonia mydas agassizii) Sea Turtle Nests in Pacific Costa Rica, and Testing of Cloacal Fluid Antimicrobial Properties, Erin Keene, Tanya Soule, and Frank V. Paladino

Submissions from 2013


Design and Implementation of a Wireless Sensor and Actuator Network for Energy Measurement and Control at Home, Edwin Chobot, Daniel Newby, Renee Chandler, Nusaybah Abu-Mulaweh, Chao Chen, and C. Pomalaza-Ráez

The relative roles of contemporary and ancient processes for shaping genetic variation of a generalist fish in a catchment dominated by agriculture, Mark A. Jordan, Deepal Patel, Kathryn E. Sanders, and Robert B. Gillespie Ph.D

Submissions from 2012

Texting, textese and literacy abilities: A naturalistic study., Michelle Drouin and Brent Driver

Texting, sexting, attachment, and intimacy in college students’ romantic relationships, Michelle Drouin and Carly Landgraff

Range-wide Analysis of Eastern Massasauga Survivorship, Peter C. Jones, Richard B. King, Robyn L. Bailey, Nickolas D. Bieser, Kristin Bissell, Henry Campa III, Trisha Crabill, Matthew D. Cross, Brett A. DeGregorio, Michael J. Dreslik, Francis E. Durbian, Daniel S. Harvey, Scott E. Hecht, Benjamin C. Jellen, Glenn Johnson, Bruce A. Kingsbury, Matthew J. Kowalski, James Lee, Jennifer V. Manning, Jennifer A. Moore, Julie Oakes, Christopher A. Phillips, Kent A. Prior, Jeanine M. Refsnider, Jeremy D. Rouse, Joseph R. Sage, Richard A. Seigel, Donald B. Shepard, Chad S. Smith, Terry J. Vandewalle, Patrick J. Weatherhead, and Anne Yagi


The Behavioural and Sensory Ecology of Agaronia Propatula (Caenogas Tropoda: Olividae), A Swash-Surfing Predator on Sandy Beaches of the Panamic Faunal Province, Frank V. Paladino

Interactive Learning Environment: Engaging Students Using Clickers, Carol S. Sternberger


What can we learn from confusing Olivella columellaris and O. semistriata (Olivellidae, Gastropoda), two key species in panamic sandy beach ecosystems?, Alison I. Troost, Samantha D. Rupert, Ariel Z. Cyrus, Frank V. Paladino, Benjamin F. Dattilo, and Winfried S. Peters

Submissions from 2011

Autotomy of the posterior foot in Agaronia (Caenogastropoda: Olividae) occurs in animals that are fully withdrawn into their shells, Samantha D. Rupert and Winfried S. Peters

Submissions from 2009


The Influence of Historical Landscape Change on Genetic Variation and Population Structure of a Terrestrial Salamander (Plethodon cinereus), Mark A. Jordan, D. A. Morris, and S. E. Gibson

Submissions from 2008


Habitat as a Source of Intrapopulational Variation of Ornament Size in Galápagos Lava Lizards (Microlophus albemarlensis complex), Mark A. Jordan, Jennifer L. Hollis, Paul A. Stone, and Howard L. Stone

Submissions from 2006


Mobile Applications that Empower People to Monitor their Personal Health., Kay Connelly, Anne Faber, Yvonne Rogers, Katie A. Siek, and Tammy R. Toscos

Submissions from 1999

The Effects of Bay Type and Meter Size on Seepage Measurements, Solomon A. Isiorho and John H. Meyer

Submissions from 1996

Seepage Measurements From Long Lake, Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore, Solomon A. Isiorho, F M. Beeching, P M. Stewart, and R L. Whitman