Never Forget: Public Memory & 9/11


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Louisville, KY


“Never Forget” examines the ways in which the past invades and shapes the present. Unquestionably, there are many memories of what happened September 11th, 2001. Beginning with interviews with people who experienced 9/11 as a volunteer at Ground Zero and building to those who experienced the attacks on television throughout the world, this film explores the ways that ‘we’ Never Forget. We live in a world where history seems like an ‘accurate’ depiction of the past. “Public Memory” challenges that assumption. Through an examination of the role of 9/11 ten years after the attacks, we explore how the relationships between individual memory, memorials, education, history, media, and politics shape our understandings of the past in the present.

Documentary Feature, 82 minutes

Written, produced and directed by Art Herbig, Assistant Professor of Communication, IPFW.


9/11. documentary, film, interviews, volunteers, ground zero