Submissions from 2016

From “Between” to “And”: The Global Humanities in Joyce and Beckett, Lidan Lin and Xuemei Zhang

Submissions from 2015

Publishing and Circulation, Troy J. Bassett

Sister Acts: The Prevalence of Literary Families in the Victorian Period, Troy J. Bassett

Kar ve arametni İspanyol Trajedisi [Turkish translation of “The Spanish Tragedy as Intertext for Orhan Pamuk’s Kar (Snow)”], Rachel E. Hile

The Cambridge Companion to American Science Fiction, Eric Carl Link and Gerry Canavan


The Global Resonances of Modernism and Feminism in Virginia Woolf and Shen Congwen, Lidan Lin


Marlowe's Translations of Ovid and Lucan, M. L. Stapleton

"The Kairotic Moment Revisited", Sara Webb-Sunderhaus and Stevens Amidon

Re-Reading Appalachia: Literacies of Resistance, Sara Webb-Sunderhaus and Kim Donehower

Submissions from 2014

Singularity in 'The Winter's Tale', Hardin Aasand

The Winter's Tale: A Broadview Internet Shakespeare Edition, Hardin Aasand

Creating grass roots digital Coeur d'Alene resources: the COLRC, Shannon Bischoff, Ivy Doak, Amy Fountain, John Ivens, and Audra Vincent

Online Coeur d'Alene Root Dictionary, Shannon Bischoff, Ivy Doak, Amy Fountain, John Ivens, and Audra Vincent

The Coeur d'Alene Online Resource Center, Shannon Bischoff, Ivy Doak, Amy Fountain, John Ivens, and Audra Vincent

Digital Director - Matcher Toolkit, Shannon Bischoff, Max Fowler, David Bohan, and Rachel Abraham

Refigured, Mary Ann Cain

Sad Girl, Mary Ann Cain

Tomato Soup, Mary Ann Cain

Tomato Soup, Mary Ann Cain

To Sue from Montgomery Pass, Mary Ann Cain

Wonderkind, Curtis L. Crisler

‘‘Happier Than Ever to be Exactly What He Was’’: Reflections on Shrek, Fiona and the Magic Mirrors of Commodity Culture, Lewis Roberts


Marlowe's Ovid: The "Elegies" in the Marlowe Canon, M. L. Stapleton

Submissions from 2013

Grass-roots development of web- based language archives: the Coeur d’Alene Archive, Shannon Bischoff and Amy Fountain

The persistence of language: Constructing and confronting the past and present in the voices of Jane H. Hill, Shannon Bischoff, Amy Fountain, Deborah Cole, and Mizuki Miyashita

Functional Approaches to Language, Shannon Bischoff and Carmen Jany

Introduction, Shannon Bischoff and Carmen Jany


Jesus, that is hælend: Hebrew Names and the Vernacular Savior in Anglo-Saxon England, Damian Fleming

Disabling Allegories in Edmund Spenser’s Faerie Queene, Rachel E. Hile


Review of the book, "Bruce Danner, Edmund Spenser’s War on Lord Burghley", Rachel E. Hile

Student Preferences for Online Lecture Formats: Does Prior Experience Matter?, Rachel E. Hile, Michelle Drouin, Lesa Vartanian, and Janae Webb

Heritage Literacy: Adoption, Adaption, and Alienation of Multimodal Literacy Tools, Suzanne K. Rumsey


The Nose Plays: Ovid in The Jew of Malta, M. L. Stapleton

Customer-Employee Interaction From a Diachronic Perspective, Hao Sun

Submissions from 2012

"Rapt in Secret Studies": Emerging Shakespeares, Hardin Aasand

"A Characteristic Product of the Present Era": Gender and Celebrity in Helen C. Black’s Notable Women Authors of the Day (1893), Troy J. Bassett

"Jean-Michel Basquiat's boyhood song", Curtis L. Crisler

Soundtrack to Latchkey Boy, Curtis L. Crisler

"The Gift", Curtis L. Crisler

Rex regum et cyninga cyning: ‘Speaking Hebrew’ in Cynewulf’s Elene, Damian Fleming

Spenserianism and Satire before and after the Bishops’ Ban: Evidence from Thomas Middleton, Rachel E. Hile


How to Teach a True Spokane Story: Learning Sherman Alexie’s Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven Through Tim O’Brien’s The Things They Carried, Michael E. Kaufmann

Crosscurrents: Reading in the Disciplines, Eric Carl LInk and Steven P. Frye

From Feminism to Postfeminism: Woolf, Drabble, and Carter, Lidan Lin

The “New Discourse City” of Older Writers: Aging and Disability as Assets to Collaborative Learning, Suzanne K. Rumsey, L M. Bowen, R Ray, and D Hillard

Expectation, Reality, and Rectification: The Merits of Failed Service Learning, Suzanne K. Rumsey and Tanja Nihiser

Openings of Chinese Telephone Encounters: A Comparative Analysis Across Time, Hao Sun

Shifting practices and emerging patterns: telephone service encounters in Shanghai, Hao Sun

"It's Me and the Adjuncts": Writing Program Administration and Marginalized Students/Teachers", Sara Webb-Sunderhaus

Submissions from 2011

Katherine Hamlett,, and the Rhizomorphous Database, Hardin Aasand

An Author Born Every Minute: The Charing Cross Publishing Company and its Successors, Troy J. Bassett

Formal Notes on Coeur d'Alene Clause Structure, Shannon Bischoff

Lexical affixes, incorporation, and conflation: The case of Coeur d’Alene., Shannon Bischoff

Why Birds Fly, Mary Ann Cain


Catching Train, Curtis L. Crisler

Dreamist: a mixed-genre novel, Curtis L. Crisler

Eady Makes the Difficult Simple: Going from the Minors to Majors, Curtis L. Crisler


The Limitations of Concord in the Thames-Medway Marriage Canto of The Faerie Queene, Rachel E. Hile

Work-Family Conflicts and Policies, Rachel E. Hile


“After Broken Talk", George Kalamaras


“AP—Fort Wayne, Indiana", George Kalamaras

A review of of the book Subtle Bodies: A Fantasia on Voice, History and René Crevel, by Peter Dubé, George Kalamaras

“A Theory of the Function of the Confusion of Things” and “Belgisch Congo, Congo Belge", George Kalamaras

“Below Our Birth-Star” and “Say It Like an Autobiography", George Kalamaras


“From the Book of Tongues (14)” and “From the Book of Tongues (30)", George Kalamaras

“I Make Easy Emptiness” and “The Antelope Tree", George Kalamaras


“Narrative Complexity,” “The Tender Cadaver of Everyone’s Left Big Toe,” and “Translation Involves Sacrifice", George Kalamaras

“Narrative Complexity,” “The Tender Cadaver of Everyone’s Left Big Toe,” and “Translation Involves Sacrifice", George Kalamaras

“Photograph: A History of Maps” (reprint) and “A History of Green” (reprint), George Kalamaras


“Propitiation of the Owls, or Notes towards Caliban’s Re-chewing of Words", George Kalamaras


“The Nameless Numbers: Counting Wolves, Counting Sheep", George Kalamaras


“The Trouble with Being Human", George Kalamaras

The Chinese Response to Samuel Beckett (1906-1989), Lidan Lin and Helong Zhang

Expectation, Reality, and Rectification: The Merits of Failed Service Learning, Suzanne K. Rumsey and T Nihiser

No Mirror, No Hunger, Beth Lee Simon

Living with Literacy's Contradictions: Appalachian Students in a First-Year Writing Course, Sara Webb-Sunderhaus

Living with Literacy's Contradictions: Appalachian Students in a First-Year Writing Course, Sara Webb-Sunderhaus

The Kairotic Moment: Pragmatic Revision of Basic Writing Instruction at Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne, Sara Webb-Sunderhaus and Stevens Amidon

Submissions from 2010


The Sources of Hamlet, Hardin Aasand and F Nicholas Clary


Slouching Toward Assessment: One Department's Journey Toward Accountability Bliss, Stevens R. Amidon, Hardin Aasand, and Debra Huffman

Living on the Margin: George Bentley and the Economics of the Three-Volume Novel, 1865–70, Troy J. Bassett

A Space of Radical Openness: Relocating the Creative Writing Workshop, Mary Ann Cain

Composing Public Space: Teaching Writing in the Face of Private Interests, Mary Ann Cain, Michelle Comstock, and Lil Brannon


The Recumbent Galaxy, Alvaro Cardona-Hine and George Kalamaras

Review of My Father’s Kites. Reverie: Midwest African American Literature, Curtis L. Crisler

“And Finally, the Brides of Lust,” “Heat,” and “Kali’s Thigh" (translated into Bengali), George Kalamaras

A review of Acropolis and Tram: Poems 1938 – 1978, by Nikos Engonopoulos (Green Integer Press), George Kalamaras

A review of The Car That Brought You Here Still Runs: Revisiting the Northwest Towns of Richard Hugo, by Frances McCue (University of Washington Press), George Kalamaras

Audio CD: George Kalamaras and Alvaro Cardona-Hine Read at Acequia Booksellers, George Kalamaras

“Before I Could Speak", George Kalamaras

“Circusfoot and Walrus Rock” (reprint) and “The Cosmologies of Sexual Congress", George Kalamaras

“It Was Then,” “So Many Claims,” “The First Phrase,” “Bright Lamplight and a Girl’s Sad Story,” “Buffalo Jump,” “Small Boats Like Ants Distribute Steamed Bread,” and “Olga Orozco and the Tale of the Greedy Black Dog", George Kalamaras

Poetry Pamphlet: Mingus Mingus Mingus (six poems), George Kalamaras

Surrealist Inquiry, George Kalamaras

“The Good, the Bad, and the Utterance: John Olson’s Souls of Wind.” A review of Souls of Wind (Quale Press), a novel by John Olson, George Kalamaras

The Old Man Who Swam Away and Left Only His Wet Feet: Remembering Gene Frumkin, George Kalamaras

The Recumbent Galaxy (co-author, Alvaro Cardona-Hine), George Kalamaras

“The Sheets Told a Different Story” and “There Can Be No Harm in Obeying My Nose Hair", George Kalamaras

“The Yes of My Hand, the Left of My No,” “If You Ask Me My Scattered,” “We Have Great Faith in the Idea That We Die,” “In This Time of Mango Flowers,” and “White Geese Approaching the Colorful Black", George Kalamaras

“Tying the Travelling [sic] Man to the Tree of Soul” and “Two Women Whose Clear Heads Cut Clear Through to Sad", George Kalamaras