Document Type

Special Project

Degree Name

Master of Science in Education


Professional Studies


Special Education

First Advisor

Rama Cousik, PhD, Chair

Second Advisor

Rama Cousik, PhD, Chair, Jeong-il Cho, PhD, Jane M. Leatherman, PhD.

Committee Members

Rama Cousik, PhD, Chair, Jeong-il Cho, PhD, Jane M. Leatherman, PhD.

Date of Award



The Minds in Motion (MIM) program is a program that involves the body in researched-based physical activities that are designed to improve academic performance. The MIM program was implemented daily around the school in an attempt to improve reading scores. The program has been implemented for all students in both general education and special education. This study looked at how the Minds in Motion program benefited the reading scores of all students in 3rd grade. This program was designed to increase academic performance based on the idea that thinking involves the entire body and not just the brain. Reading scores of students have been evaluated. Teachers completed a survey and results were reviewed by the researcher. The study has resulted in a manual that provides a sample of MIM activities and briefly describe how each activity can be used to improve specific reading skills drawn from the 3rd grade state standards for reading.


Special Education and Teaching

Available for download on Thursday, June 01, 2017