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2011 NOHS National Conference

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Austin, TX

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2011 NOHS National Conference Proceedings


National Organization for Human Services

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Members of the National Organization for Human Services (NOHS) have cause to invest in the revision to their ethical code, Ethical Standards for Human Service Professionals. As the Ethics Committee of NOHS is pursuing a revision, a public discussion of the current revision process for the NOHS ethical code was offered in workshop format at the annual conference. Points of discussion were initiated after participants completed a questionnaire. This conference proceeding offers a synthesis of the points offered by the participants. These points do not constitute any final statements on the revision to the NOHS ethical code. The authors thank all of the attendees who participated in the complex and enlightening discussion.


NOHS, National Organization for Human Services, Ethical Code, Ethical Standards for Human Services Professionals


Other Social and Behavioral Sciences