Submissions from 2014


A Unique Interprofessional and Multi-Institutional Education Series, Deborah Poling and Mary Kiersma

Patient-Centered Appointment Scheduling Using Agent-Based Simulation, Tammy R. Toscos, Ayten Turkcan, and Brad Doebbeling

Submissions from 2013

Finding the way to evidence-based practice, Susan L. Ahrens and Carol Susan Johnson

Clinical Reasoning during Simulation: Comparison of Student and Faculty Ratings, Rebecca S. Jensen

Cervical Screening: Assessing Patient Anxiety, Janette S. Jones

Introduction to Pathophysiology, Lee Ellen C. Kirkhorn

Pathophysiology, Lee Ellen C. Kirkhorn and J Banasik

Openness at the Closing of Life, Lee Ellen C. Kirkhorn and S Peck

Video Project Brings New Life to Community Engagement, Heather Krull


Designing for Positive Health Affect: Decoupling Negative Emotion and Health Monitoring Technologies, Tammy R. Toscos, Kay Connelly, and Yvonne Rogers

Submissions from 2012

Experience informs: Spanning three decades with the NSM, Sarah J. Beckman, S. Boxley-Harges, and Beth Kaskel


Know your WBCs, Connie Cole and Connie Herron

How Substance Abuse Impacts Pain Management in Acute Care, Dawn Dunn and Janette Neuman

Faculy Role in Teaching, Curriculum Development and Evaluation, Linda M. Finke

Curriculum Designs/ Models, Linda M. Finke and Donna Boland

Learning and Intellectual Disabilities, Linda M. Finke and Patricia Ryan-Krause


A Closer look at mission nursing, Connie Herron

IPE: Fort Wayne Area Interprofessional Consortium for Health Care Education: Interprofessional Education Seminar Series, Dawn La Barbera, Mary Kiersma, Deborah Poling, and Mindy Yoder

Health Care Access for Hoosiers, Janette S. Neuman

Screening for High-Risk Alcohol Use on Campus - A Translational Research Project, Janette S. Neuman


Pediatric Case Management: Comparing Two Models, Deborah Poling

Interactive Learning Environment: Engaging Students Using Clickers, Carol S. Sternberger


Best Intentions: Health Monitoring Technology and Children., Tammy R. Toscos, Kay Connelly, and Yvonne Rogers


Integrating an Automated Diabetes Management System into the family management of Children with Type 1 Diabetes., Tammy R. Toscos, Stephen W. Ponder, Barbara J. Anderson, Mayer B. Davidson, Martin L. Lee, Elaine Montemayor-Gonzalez, Patricia Reyes, Eric Link, and Kevin L. McMahon

A New Era in the ICU: The Case For Telemedicine., William Yeo, Susan L. Ahrens, and Tim Wright

Submissions from 2011

Nursing Education at Indiana University - Purdue University Fort Wayne, Sarah J. Beckman, Sanna Boxley-Harges, and Lois Lowry

Mission Nursing, Jane E. Dannhausen and Connie Herron

A Call for Continued Advocacy to Stop Deep Cuts in Funding for Mental Health Services, Linda M. Finke


Respect Yourself, Protect Yourself, Mary Gura and Deborah Baresic


The effect of curricular sequencing of human patient simulation learning experiences on students’ self-perceptions of clinical reasoning abilities, Rebecca S. Jensen

Legal and Ethical Responsibilities, Denise M. Jordan

Nín hǎo (Hello), China!, Lee Ellen C. Kirkhorn, C M. Berry, L Wieseman, R Nerison, and A Meerwald

Successful Implementation of an EHR into Undergraduate Education., Linda Meyer, Carol Sternberger, and Tammy R. Toscos

Nursing Education Reimagined at IPFW. Students use latest technology to continue to provide top care, Carol S. Sternberger

Think Globally, Learn Locally: Multimedia Conferencing Between Two Schools of Nursing, Carol S. Sternberger, Belinda Deal, and Rebecca Fountain


How to Implement the Electronic Health Record in Undergraduate Nursing Education, Carol S. Sternberger, Linda Meyer, and Tammy Toscos

“What’s your number?” A survey of how parents and teens cope with diabetes in the context of technology support., Tammy R. Toscos, Kay Connelly, and Yvonne Rogers


Barriers to Physical Activity: A Study of Self-revelation in an Online Community., Tammy R. Toscos, Sunny Consolvo, and David W. McDonald

"…is it normal to be this sore?": Using an Online Forum to Investigate Barriers to Physical Activity., Tammy R. Toscos, Sunny Consolvo, and David W. McDonald

Submissions from 2010

The Evolution of Student Nurses' Concepts of Spirituality, Sarah J. Beckman, Becky Salmon, Cheryl Bruick-Sorge, and Sanna Boxley-Harges

Senator Ted Kenndy: A Champion for Mental Health Care and a Friend to Child Psychiatric Nursing, Linda M. Finke

Senator Ted Kennedy: A Champion for Mental Health Care and a Friend to Child Psychiatric Nursing, Linda M. Finke

The Child with a Mental Health Condition, Linda M. Finke

The Child with a Mental Health Condition, Linda M. Finke

The Child with a Developmental Disability, Linda M. Finke and Cindy Greenberg

The Child with a Developmental Disability, Linda M. Finke and Cynthia Greenbreg

Letter-Writing as an Expression of Nursing Care, Lee Ellen C. Kirkhorn and N M. Airth-Kindree

Pathophysiology, Lee Ellen C. Kirkhorn and J Banasik

Alterations in the Integumentary System, Lee Ellen C. Kirkhorn, R Diestelmeier, and M Diestelmeier

Neurobiology of psychotic illnesses, Lee Ellen C. Kirkhorn and PA Garber

Family NP Students Care for Homeless Persons in Washington, DC, Lee Ellen C. Kirkhorn, E Grady, K Hayes, J Legare, B Schilling, A Van Sistine, and S Zais

Using Data to Promote Healthy Behavior in Children., Tammy R. Toscos

Using Behavior Change Theory to Understand and Guide Technological Interventions., Tammy R. Toscos and Kay Connelly

Submissions from 2009

Factors Associated with Parental Distress, C. Duchovic, J. Gerkensmeyer, and J. Wu

A Call for a Political Platform for the Future of children's Mental Health, L. Finke

Faculty role in teaching, curriculum development, and evaluation, L. Finke

The Child With a Mental Health Condition, L. Finke

Curriculum designs/models, L. Finke and D. Boland

The Child With a Developmental Disability, L. Finke and C. Greenberg

Teaching Students About IV Therapy: Increased Competence and Confidence, R. Jensen

Three Technology Enhancements in Nursing Education: Informatics Instruction, Personal Response Systems, and Human Patient Simulation, R. Jensen, Linda H. Meyer, and Carol Sternberger

Colleague Connection: Inspiring Better Compliance in Safe Patient Handling, D. Lamott

Colleague Connection: Motivating Members to 'Step Up:' Strategies to Recruit Volunteers, D. Lamott

Increasing Effectiveness of Compliance with Safe Patient Handling Movement by Teaching to Student Nurses, D. Lamott

AOHP 2008 Membership Survey and Needs Assessment Findings, D. Lamott and C. Pionk


The Journey Through Doctoral Education, Nila Reimer

The Journey Through Nursing Doctoral Education: An Inside Story, Nila Reimer

Submissions from 2008

Workplace Issues, Susan Ahrens

Activity Sensing in the Wild: A Field Trial of UbiFit Garden., Sunny Consolvo, David W. McDonald, Tammy R. Toscos, Mike Y. Chen, Jon Froehlich, Beverly Harrison, Predrag Klasnja, Anthony LaMarca, Louis LeGrand, Ryan Libby, Ian Smith, and James A. Landay

An Innovative Course for Licensed Practical Nurse - Associate Degree Nursing Articulation, R. Jensen

What Can We Learn? Adult Outcomes in Children of Seriously Mentally Ill Mothers, Kathleen LeClear O'Connell

Encouraging Physical Activity in Teens: Can Technology Help Reduce Barriers to Physical Activity in Adolescent Girls?, Tammy R. Toscos, Anne Faber, Kay Connelly, and Adity A. Mutsuddi-Upoma

Submissions from 2007

Five Strategies That Heighten Nurses' Awareness of Spirituality to Impact Client Care, Sarah J. Beckman, Sanna Boxley-Harges, Cheryl Bruick-Sorge, and Becky Salmon

Imagining Nursing Practice: The Neuman Systems Model in 2050, Sarah J. Beckman, Lois Lowry, Karen Reed Gehrling, and Jacqueline Fawcett

A Holistic Approach to Child Psychiatric Nursing: A New Interdisciplinary Collaboration, Nancy K. Mann and Linda M. Finke

Sim-Man: Not Your Grandma's Nursing Education, Jamie Peppler, Jane Dannhausen, and Katherine Willock

Why It’s Worth the Hassle: The Value of In-Situ Studies When Designing UbiComp., Yvonne Rogers, Kay Connelly, Lenore Tedesco, William Hazlewood, Andrew Kurtz, Robert E. Hall, Josh Hursey, and Tammy R. Toscos

Submissions from 2006

Mobile Applications that Empower People to Monitor their Personal Health., Kay Connelly, Anne Faber, Yvonne Rogers, K. A. Siek, and Tammy R. Toscos

The Evolution of Educational Information Systems and Nurse Faculty Roles, Ramona Nelson, Linda H. Meyer, MaryAnn Rizzolo, Marcia Proto, and Susan Newbold

Needs of Families Affected by Mental Illness, Kathleen LeClear O'Connell

Development and Evaluation of a Faculty Designed Courseware, Carol S. Sternberger

Chick Clique: Persuasive Technology to Motivate Teenage Girls to Exercise, Tammy R. Toscos, Anne Faber, Shunying An, and Mona Gandhi

Submissions from 2005

Curriculum Designs, Donna L. Boland and Linda M. Finke

Teaching in Nursing: The Faculty Role, Linda M. Finke

Self-efficacy, Self-reliance, and Motivation in an Asynchronous Learning Environment, Linda H. Meyer and Carol S. Sternberger

Submissions from 2002

Collaborating Competitors: Creative Strategies for Addressing the Shortage, Carol S. Sternberger

Submissions from 1998

Legal Aspects of Nursing, Denise M. Jordan

Submissions from 1996

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Kathleen LeClear O'Connell

Submissions from 1995

Schizoaffective Disorder: A Case Study, Kathleen LeClear O'Connell