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Tuning the Selectivity of Gd3N Cluster Endohedral Metallofullerene Reactions with Lewis Acids
Steven Stevenson, Khristina A. Rottinger, Muska Fahim, Jessica S. Field, Benjamin R. Martin, and Kristine D. Arvola


Endohedral fullerenes: Synthesis, isolation, mono- and bis-functionalization
M R. Cheron, V Maffeis, Steven Stevenson, and L Echegoyen


Aminopropanol – Xylene to Chemically Purify Gd3N@C88 Metallofullerene
Hannah R. Thompson, Hannah C. Masri, and Steven Stevenson


Confining the spin between two metal atoms within the carbon cage: Redox-active metal-metal bonds in dimetallofullerenes and their stable cation radicals
N A. Samoylova, S M. Avdoshenko, D S. Krylov, H R. Thompson, A C. Kirkhorn, M Rosenkranz, S Schiemenz, F Ziegs, A. U.B. Wolter, S Yang, Steven Stevenson, and A A. Popov


Use of Support-Free Amines to Isolate Larger Cage Endohedral Metallofullerenes
Steven Stevenson, Hannah R. Thompson, Amelia Kirkhorn, Sarah K. Budd, and Brittany L. Kime


Wet Chemistry for Large Cage Metallofullerene Isolation
Steven Stevenson and Hannah R. Thompson


A Comparison of Genetic Risk Prediction and Subtyping for Generalized Vitiligo
Stephanie Santorico, Subrata Paul, Daniel Yorgov, Ying Jin, Tracey Ferrara, and Richard Spritz

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