Most Recent Additions


Pincer-Supported Carbonyl Complexes of Cobalt(I)
Lousie M. Guard, Travis J. Hebden, Donald Edward Linn Jr, and D M. Heinekey


Proton-Assisted Catalytic Hydrogenation Using Nonahydridodicobaltate(5-)
Donald Edward Linn Jr, Cameron Griffiths, Jerod Kieser, and Jason Shearer


Vertebrate Ichnopathology: Pathologies Inferred from Dinosaur Tracks and Trackways from the Mesozoic
Richard T. McCrea, Darren H. Tanke, Lisa G. Buckley, Martin G. Lockley, James O. Farlow, Lida Xing, Neffra A. Matthews, Charles W. Helm, S. George Pemberton, and Brent H. Breithaupt


Trackways of the American Crocodile (Crocodylus acutus) in Northwestern Costa Rica: Implications for Crocodylian Ichnology
James O. Farlow, Nathan J. Robinson, Cory J. Kumagai, Frank V. Paladino, Peter L. Falkingham, Ruth M. Elsey, and Anthony J. Martin

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