Transforming Conflict by Building Relationships: A Manual for Conflict Resolution and Mediation

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This manual is designed primarily to accompany a 40-hour college course in conflict resolution and mediation. There are two major goals for the course: (1) developing practical conflict resolution techniques with wide application in work organizations, families, and the community; and (2) discovering how conflict can be rooted in and shaped by cultural and social structural factors. The manual is also designed in a way that allows for self-study.

The manual is divided into six parts. The Introduction establishes the idea of transformative conflict resolution and provides material to launch the course on which the manual is based. Part One defines conflict and investigates its various dimensions. Part Two embarks on an inner journey, in which the reader explores their personal experience of conflict and their personal style and response to conflict. Part Three assists the learner in developing concrete, practical skills for conflict resolution. Part Four explores culture and how it affects conflict and conflict resolution. The paradox of diversity is investigated, in which both individual identity and categorical group membership matter and must be taken into account. Part Five lays out the mediation process—how to do it as well as the rationale for the transformative approach. The Appendixes include resources on ethics, books, training manuals, and conflict resolution and mediation organizations. A DVD containing several mediation roleplays is also included with the manual.


conflict resolution, mediation, mediation training, conflict resolution skills, diversity and conflict