2015 IPFW Student Research and Creative Endeavor Symposium



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Faculty Sponsor

Dr. Solomon Isiorho


Department of Educational Studies, Department of Geosciences

University Affiliation

Indiana University – Purdue University Fort Wayne


Changes in soil characteristics along river profiles depend on many variables. Soil characteristics were studied along a small creek within the Indiana University Purdue University Fort Wayne (IPFW) undertaken as part of a class project. The creek flows over the Fort Wayne moraine. As water moves downstream, it carries soil with it causing variation such as rounding and sorting. The purpose of this research project is to determine the water content of the soil, the overall composition of the soil (gravel, sand, etc.), and how this all changes (if it does change) from the start of a creek on IPFW Student Housing campus onto the main campus where the creek meets the Saint Joe River. Fourteen soil samples were collected over the length of the creek (from student housing to the St Joseph river). The samples were observed, weighed, dried, crushed, and sieved. The data shows the water content along with the grain sizes for each sample. The average water content was 21.87% with minimal variation between the samples. The soils range from coarse-grain to very fine-grain sand, but are generally of the fine-grained sand type. Knowing the cause(s) of the finning of sediments downstream in this river may help us in managing this stream and probably other rivers in NE Indiana.


Earth Sciences | Education | Physical Sciences and Mathematics

River Sieve Analysis of Soil Samples at Indiana-Purdue University Fort Wayne