2015 IPFW Student Research and Creative Endeavor Symposium



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Dr. Salem Mikhail


Department of Physics

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Indiana University - Purdue University Fort Wayne


Brownian motion, or seemingly random motion under the direction of a complex system, is used on the nano-scale to perform mechanical or electrical work through the use of what is called a Brownian motor. We will investigate the possibility of using competitive clustering in granular gases to achieve this nano-scale effect within a macro-scale system. We are intrigued by this because of the system’s inherent complexity, which allows us to learn how non-linear and chaotic systems are modeled with granular hydrodynamics and flux models. There may be practical applications in industrial processing of corn, breakfast cereal, and pharmaceuticals, which could be sorted by weight or size through vibration. Scientific interests arise from granular gas behavior in Maxwell’s Demon experiment, namely the increase in entropy has so small an effect that it may be ignored and the system can be said to become more ordered in time.



Brownian Motor Using Competitive Clustering of Bi-Disperse Granular Gas

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