2015 IPFW Student Research and Creative Endeavor Symposium



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Dr. Chand Chauhan

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Department of Mathematical Sciences

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Department of Psychology

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Indiana University - Purdue University Fort Wayne


Absorption", data was collected regarding one hundred twenty-one children (seventy-four boys and forty-seven girls) who were previously exposed to various amounts of lead from area around a lead smelter. Researchers collected six values from the lead exposed children; blood lead levels in micrograms, age, sex, verbal IQ score, performance IQ, and the full IQ score. Various statistical analysis methods were calculated from these variables. In order to later compare results, descriptive statistics (such as the mean, median, standard deviation, and variance) for the entire sample was computed for comparison against the various levels of the sample (lead exposure level and sex of the child). The comparisons of the (sub-categories’) descriptive statistics for the sub-categories against the entire sample's descriptive statistics would indicate if the sub-categories' values were significantly different from the entire sample's values. The next statistical analysis method utilized was correlation which is the relationship strength between two variables. While calculating the correlation between the various variables, startling information revealed itself. Despite what one would expect, generally there was a negligible relationship between the various levels of IQ scores and the amount of lead exposure experienced. We may conclude from the study that the exposure to lead does not significantly affect children's verbal IQ or their performance IQ. In spite of the findings, we should provide a healthy environment for all, especially children.

Reference Landrigan, P.J., R.H. Whitworth, R.W. Baloh, N. W. Staehling, W.F. Barthel, and B.F. Rosenblum. "Neuropsychological Dysfunction in Children with Chronic Low-Level Lead Absorption." Lancet 1.7909. Print.



Pb and I(Q): The Consequences of Lead Exposure on the IQ Levels of Children

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