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2014 SoTL Commons Conference

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Savannah, GA


Class participation is a subject that has been studied repeatedly as it relates to effects on learning. But there is little SoTL research on the role incentive plays in increasing class participation, as opposed to the punitive effects of non-participation, something commonly found in course syllabi. In this session, the presenter will provide his experience on using two, course-related incentives to increase class-wide engagement in a low-response Commercial Law course, and also in the same course the following semester. This involved more than simply a “pay for play” scheme: part of the increased engagement strategy included restructuring the learning methods in and out of class. Beyond presenting the methodologies and results of the participation-incentive project and how the data aligns with the SoTL research, there will be an analysis of the related learning outcomes. Attendees to this presentation will learn of the efficacy that incentive can play in improving participation and learning, and will be able to craft their own incentive-learning plan.


soTL, Scholarship of Teaching and Learning


Accounting | Higher Education