Scratching the Surface of the Steakhouse: An analysis of anti-discrimination law

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Spring 3-25-2011

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Sociery for Case Research, MBAA International 2011 Annual Conference

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Chicago, IL

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This critical incident involves the contentious relationship between a waiter at a high-end restaurant, The Steakhouse, and his female supervisor, with whom he had been dating. Following their breakup, the waiter filed sexual harassment charges against his supervisor and The Steakhouse. He also filed a claim with the EEOC against The Steakhouse, for discriminating against him because of a disability. After he was fired, he filed a claim against The Steakhouse for retaliating against him for filing the disability claim. Workplace communication is a difficult enough problem in organizations without it having become blurred by personal relationships between employees and supervisors. For Paul Davis, the waiter who was popular with his restaurant patrons, he saw the breakup as the start of mistreatment by his supervisor. Yet for Susie Jones, his supervisor, she saw the breakup as Paul’s excuse for his slackening performance at work.


Americans with Disabilities Act, Sexual Harassment, Employment Discrimination, Employment Law


Business Law, Public Responsibility, and Ethics | Hospitality Administration and Management | Human Resources Management

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