Dentally Derived Phenetic Relatedness Among the Moche (AD 200-750) of the North Coast of Peru: A Compariosn of the Skeletal Populations from San Jose de Moro to those from the Moche Valley

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76th Annual Meeting of the Society for the American Archaeology

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Sacramento, CA


Biodistance comparisons of Middle (AD 500 – 650), Late (AD 650 – 750), and Transitional (AD 750 – 800) period skeletal samples from San José de Moro to both a previously reported Middle period sample from the nearby Lambayeque Valley site Pacatnamú and eight contemporaneous samples from the Moche Valley suggests that increased gene flow occurred from the southern Moche region into the Jequetepeque Valley during the collapse of the southern Moche polity. The broader implications of these results for our understanding of the collapse of the Moche are discussed.


Anthropology | Archaeological Anthropology