Ash regeneration in hardwood and pine dominated forest stands

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127th Annual Meeting of the Indiana Academy of Science

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West Lafayette, IN

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Species within the genus Fraxinus are major components of numerous forest types in North America and their loss due to emerald ash borer infestation is a current concern.. I surveyed under-, mid-, and overstory tree species in an elm-ash-cottonwood lowland forest and two white-red pine plantations in Elkhart County, Indiana. Within the hardwood stand, F. pennsylvanica was the dominant overstory species, but it did not occur in the midstory. Within the pine stands, F. pennsylvanica did occur in all three strata, dominating the pine understory. There were fewer F. pennsylvanica individuals available to replace those lost due to emerald ash borer infestation in the hardwood stand. Long term tracking of these trees is necessary to identify subsequent emerald ash borer and Fraxinus population dynamics.


Biology | Botany | Forest Sciences

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