LabVIEW based automatic paralleling of synchronous generator system

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2012 44th Southeastern Symposium on System Theory

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Jacksonville, Flordia

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Proceedings of the Annual Southeastern Symposium on System Theory

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This paper describes the development and implementation of automatic paralleling of synchronous generator system using LabVIEW platform. The system comprises of the hardware and the software parts. The hardware part encapsulates the prime mover, synchronous alternator, excitation unit and other sundries that constitute a synchronous generator system. The software part comprises of the National Instruments LabVIEW software, PCI-6014 Data Acquisition card, and the NI ELVIS devices. The overall system architecture is simple and cheap to implement and is recommended for paralleling of small synchronous generators (SSG) in the mission field of military establishment.


Hardware, Synchronization, Synchronous generators, System theory, Computer programming languages, Data acquisition cards, LabViEW, LabVIEW software, National Instruments, paralleling, Prime movers, Software parts, System architectures, data acquisition, NI Labview, paralleling, phasing lamps, synchronization


Electrical and Computer Engineering

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