Submissions from 2014

Bend it like Bloom, Ludwika A. Goodson

Submissions from 2013

Faculty writing circles: Freedom to explore and flourish, Ludwika A. Goodson, Martha Coussement, and Shannon F. Johnson

Expert formative input for rubric-based changes in teaching and assessment, Ludwika A. Goodson, John O'Connell, and Gail A. Rathbun

Best practices in learner-centered design for a diverse classroom, Ludwika A. Goodson and K Surface

Submissions from 2012

Unpacking McKenzie’s and Howard’s Antidotes to Plagiarism with Processes, Resources, and Assignments, Ludwika A. Goodson and Shannon F. Johnson

Submissions from 2011


Using the publishing hook to engage faculty in scholarly teaching, Ludwika A. Goodson, Stella C. Batagiannis, Michael Bendele, Gail A. Rathbun, and Yvonne Zubovic

Reflections on students and teaching: A transformative path for pedagogy and course design, Ludwika A. Goodson, D Slater, and Yvonne Zubovic

The scholarly teaching difference in student evaluation and learning: The case of site construction, Ludwika A. Goodson, D Slater, and Yvonne Zubovic

Evaluating the Impact of Technology: Workable Techniques, Gail A. Rathbun


Envisioning creative collaboration between faculty and technologists, Gail A. Rathbun, David Sacks, and Sally Kuhlenschmidt

Submissions from 2010

Re-Visioning a Course toward Guided Self-Regulation, Ludwika A. Goodson and D Slater

Pathfinding through the program assessment wilderness, Gail A. Rathbun

Meeting retention challenges with hybrid solutions, Gail A. Rathbun and William Baden

The political geographies of academic development: Neutral, non-neutral, and/or marginal?, Gail A. Rathbun, Catherine Manathunga, David Green, Beverley Hamilton, Trevor Holmes, Deandra Little, Gail Rathbun, Nancy Turner, and Brad Wuetherick