Meeting retention challenges with hybrid solutions

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Fort Wayne Teaching Conference

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Fort Wayne, IN

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Presenters will provide evidence of the positive effects on retention of two types of “hybrid” approaches: the combining of face to face classes with online classes in a student’s schdule—a hybrid schedule--and hybrid courses, in which 30% - 70% of the instruction is received face to face and the rest online. In 2007 a preliminary examination of four previous academic years starting suggested that IPFW students with “hybrid” schedules were retained at a higher rate than either those taking only distance courses or only face to face courses, and that increases in the retention rate for this group were growing faster than the rates for the other non-hybrid delivery groups. Further study of the succeeding three years of data confirms this observation. The presenters examine demographic characteristics of the “hybrid schedulers” to discover other factors, such as age, gender, class standing, and scholastic achievement, and course characteristics that might also explain the increased retention rate. Case studies of the use of hybrid courses to increase retention, for example, “Project Complete” at IU Kokomo, will be presented.


student retention, hybrid courses, hybrid schedules, online learning


Adult and Continuing Education Administration | Higher Education Administration | Other Educational Administration and Supervision

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