The political geographies of academic development: Neutral, non-neutral, and/or marginal?

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Presentation Date

Summer 6-2010

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2010 Biennial Conference of the International Consortium of Educational Development

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Barcelona, Spain

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Academic development has been described as a marginal space of migration (Manathunga, 2007). It has also been characterized as “neutral”. This Challenging Academic Development (CAD) Collective symposium challenges notions that academic development can ever be a neutral zone by exploring forms of neutrality and national identities; investigating the non-neutrality of the academic development tools; and drawing on Stonequist’s (1937/1961) arguments about marginality to rethink how academic developers might operate independently with integrity.

This symposium will be an interactive journey, where participants will navigate the political landscapes of academic development. The sections below represent three modes of navigating and occupying the landscape, nation states and terrains of academic development. Participants will discuss and map their own academic development work, relative to their institutional topography.


academic development, faculty development, teaching center, organizational development, ethics of consulting


Adult and Continuing Education and Teaching | Critical and Cultural Studies | Educational Assessment, Evaluation, and Research | Higher Education and Teaching | Organizational Communication | Other Education | Other Teacher Education and Professional Development | Social Psychology and Interaction

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