Fullerene Fun and Undergraduate Research at IPFW

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Spring 4-14-2012

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Symposium on Excellence in Nurturing Undergraduate Research

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Fargo, ND

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A passion or our research group is the discovery and purification of new molecules. But, how does one create new molecules? Why haven’t these compounds been discovered before? The answer is in our (1) new chemistry and (2) electric-arc reactor, which generates plasma temperatures in the thousands of degrees. These insanely hot temperatures allow for their creation. Upon their detection and synthesis, how does one successfully separate and purify them? Our research at IPFW is done via participation of undergraduate students. Student involvement in research includes volunteer work, course credit, or as paid student researchers. Projects areas of “Fullerene Fun” include (1) new molecule synthesis, (2) novel separation methods based on reactivity differences, and (3) recycling of waste into re-usable chemicals. In this talk, I will discuss the joys, hurdles, and successes of our undergraduate research program.


fullerene, metallofullerene, discovery, new molecules, plasma, electric arc, synthesis, separation, isolation


Analytical Chemistry | Chemistry | Physical Chemistry | Physics

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