Conversion of a Lecture Based Organic Chemistry Course Sequence to Fully Flipped Classes with Pertinent Observations from Other Flipped Chemistry Courses

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The Flipped Classroom Volume 2: Results from Practice

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American Chemical Society

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Washington, D.C.


A largely lecture-based organic chemistry sequence with a significant active learning component for 80 – 100 biology majors and pre-professional students was transformed to a completely flipped classroom format. All traditional lecture was placed online as video recordings for students to view prior to the face-to-face class. Students were asked to complete online homework assignments to demonstrate familiarity with video topics. In the face-to-face class, the entire period was devoted to group problem solving. Otherwise, quizzes, exams, and grading were nearly the same. A student survey was conducted at the end of each semester to examine attitudestowardsthe new format. The responses showed that the students preferred the flipped classroom. The quiz, exam grades, and performance on the American Chemical Society Form 2004 Organic Chemistry Exam were used for assessment. Scores were compared to the previous two academic years where the course was taught with a more traditional format. No improvement in learning was observed. Observations made during these courses and later in other non-organic flipped courses suggested how learning gains could be achieved. Based on these observations, adjustments were made in later flipped courses where there was improved performance by the students. Recent pedagogical literature has indicated to what extent learning gains could be expected.The lessons learned from them can be applied to future organic chemistry courses.



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