Al-Jazeera: The Medium, the Message, or the Martyr of the Arab Spring?

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Fall 11-22-2013

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National Communication Association

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Washington, D.C.

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This study explores the means by which Al-Jazeera-Arabic articulates its role as a ‘champion of human rights and liberty’ during the recent uprisings in the Middle East. Based on a textual analysis of promos and newscasts, this paper investigates Al-Jazeera’s visual language that locates the station and its host state, Qatar, vis-à-vis its viewers and the events taking place. The study argues that while Al-Jazeera has advanced journalistic practices in the Arab world, it imparts a complex visual rhetoric that maintains the station and Qatar’s status at the forefront of the regional discursive space.


Arab Media, Arab Nationalism, Qatar, Al-Jazeera, Global Media, Arab Spring


Critical and Cultural Studies | International and Intercultural Communication | Islamic World and Near East History | Other Film and Media Studies | Television

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