Pedagogy of Peace and Conflict: Building and Sharing Communication Curriculum to Transform

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National Communication Association

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Philadelphia, PA


Communication's Civic Callings is this year's theme. What an ideal opportunity for peacebuilders and educators. According to the description, "The notion of "civic callings" encompasses overlapping layers of communication in action, including our many roles as members of educational communities; our interactions with local and national governments; our commitments to NGOs and other organizations; our collaborations with colleagues from across the globe; and, increasingly, our involvements with issues that transcend nation-states…. the notion of "civic callings" invites scholars to imagine our teaching, departmental structures, research, and public lives as political, as important aspects of the collective fabric of our communities."
As teachers, researchers, and scholars primarily involved in the teaching of communication, how do we bring this content of peace and conflict to our students? Where does it fit within our curriculum? What dominant theories underlie this work, and how do we use this content to help transform approaches to peace and conflict? What pedagogical approaches work best? How to we build learning environments or provide internships to develop our students capacity for working on Peace and Conflict studies. Besides the facilitators, this panel features 19 panelists all from different colleges and universities, and all working on teaching peace in various ways.



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