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Lilly Conference College and University Teaching and Learning

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Traverse City, MI


In an effort to provide a consistent and effective new faculty orientation, we designed an asynchronous course. We will outline our successes and lessons learned.

Abstract: Orienting new adjunct faculty is of utmost importance in assuring a quality learning experience for students. Often, adjuncts are working professionals and it can be difficult to find an opportunity to meet with them face-to-face to provide the support and tools needed to be prepared for facilitating that quality learning experience. This project was designed to provide consistent, cohesive, and convenient training for faculty across a multiple-campus system, as well as provide tools that they can review when needed. This presentation will share the challenges and opportunities gained from this project.

Session Objectives: (1) Learn about the effectiveness of the First Year Faculty Experience (FYFE) as analyzed from feedback from three cohorts of faculty members. (2) Learn about the components of the FYFE process and which elements of the training that faculty indicated were most valuable after they had taught a course for the college for several weeks. (3) Share the value of a shared facilitation model and the value of immersing faculty in the LMS as preparation for teaching courses for Baker College.



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