Submissions from 2017

To Encompass the Unseeable’: Foreign Film, Taste Culture, and the American Encounter with the Postwar Holocaust Film., Steven A. Carr PhD

Nonverbal immediacy behaviors and online student engagement: Bringing past research into the present virtual classroom, Marcia D. Dixson, Mackenzie R. Greenwell, Christie Rogers-Stacy, Tyson Weister, and Sara Lauer

Television’s “Leftover” Bachelors and Hegemonic Masculinity in Postsocialist China, Wei Luo


Critical Discourse Analysis, Zhen Sun and Wei Luo

Submissions from 2016

Antisemitism in Hollywood: An Endangered Species List., Steven A. Carr PhD

Son of Saul and the Crisis of Holocaust Film, Steven A. Carr PhD

The Bright and Dark Side of Joseph Fenton: An Analysis of Narratives Describing the Man Known as Sudharman, Sarah Symonds LeBlanc and Matthew M. LeBlanc

Submissions from 2015

On Doherty’s Hollywood and Hitler, 1933–1939, Steven A. Carr PhD

Measuring student engagement in the online course: The online student engagement scale (OSE), Marcia D. Dixson

Measuring Student Engagement In The Online Course: The Online Student Engagement Scale (OSE), Marcia D. Dixson

Introduction to 'Enhancing Professional Development', Marcia D. Dixson and Julie Saam

Masculinity and the American Dream in American Dreams: Examining the Relationship Between Gender, Ideology, and Characterization, Art Herbig

Concluding a Book and Opening a Discourse, Art Herbig and A F. Herrmann

Beyond New Media: Discourse and Critique about Contemporary Media, Art Herbig, A F. Herrmann, and A Tyma

All Too Human: Xander Harris and the Embodiment of the Fully Human, A Herrmann and Art Herbig

Is Gay the New Black? An Intersectional Perspective on Social Movement Rhetoric in California’s Proposition 8 Debate, Michelle Kelsey Kearl

The Role of SoTL in the Academy: Upon the 25th Anniversary of Boyer’s Scholarship Reconsidered, B Kern, G Mettetal, Marcia D. Dixson, and R Morgan

Are You the One? China’s TV Dating Shows and the Shengnü’s Predicament, Wei Luo and Zhen Sun

An Investigation into Supervision Techniques to Support Shy CSD Students, Pam Britton Reese

Compartmentalizing, Prioritizing, Personalizing: Balancing Competing Demands, J Saam and Marcia D. Dixson

Gendered Construction of Macau Casino: A Social Semiotic Analysis of Tourism Brochures, Zhen Sun and Wei Luo

The Beginnings: #WeNeedaWord, A Tyma, A F. Herrmann, and Art Herbig

Submissions from 2014

An Instrument to Investigate Expectations about and Experiences of the Parent-Child Relationship: The Parent-Child Relationship Schema Scale, Marcia D. Dixson, Emily Bermes, and Suze Fair

New Media: Discourse and Critique about Contemporary Media, Art Herbig

Data in the Visual Context, Art Herbig and A Hess

Documentary Process as Qualitative Research, Art Herbig and A Hess


Are You the One? China’s TV Dating Shows and the Sheng Nü’s Predicament, Wei Luo and Zhen Sun

Al-Jazeera and the Arab Uprisings: The Language of Images and a Medium’s Stancetaking, Assem Nasr


Bridge Over Troubled Waters: A Content Analysis Of Television Advertisements In Lebanon, Assem Nasr

An Old Dog Can Learn New Tricks, Pam Britton Reese

Submissions from 2013

Recalling the Ghosts of 9/11: Convergent Memorializing at the Opening of the National 9/11 Memorial, A Hess and Art Herbig


Aching for the altered body: Beauty economy and Chinese women's consumption of cosmetic surgery, Wei Luo


The First Amendment Right to Receive Online Information in Public Libraries, Barbara H. Smith Ph.D.

I am Not a Cow: Challenging Narratives of Empowerment in Teen Girls Sports Fiction, Erin Whiteside, Marie Hardin, Lauren J. DeCarvalho, Nadia Martínez - Carrillo, and Alexandra Nutter-Smith

Submissions from 2012

Grading Discussion Forums in the Online Environment, Marcia D. Dixson

Grading Discussion Forums in the Online Environment, Marcia D. Dixson

Quick Hits: Teaching with Technology, Marcia D. Dixson

Using Team-Based Learning to Engage Students in Online Course, Marcia D. Dixson

Using Team-Based Learning to Engage Students in Online Courses, Marcia D. Dixson

The Case of Hero, Martyr, Victim, and Idiot Pat Tillman, Art Herbig

Understanding the Role of "the Media" as a Character in Political Discourse: Revisiting Dan Quayle and Murphy Brown, Arthur W. Herbig

Convergent Critical Rhetoric at the Rally to Restore Sanity: Exploring the Intersection of Rhetoric, Ethnography, and Documentary Production., Arthur W. Herbig and A. Hess


Packaged Glamour: Constructing the Modern Bride in China’s Bridal Media, Wei Luo


Selling Cosmetic Surgery and Beauty Ideals: The Female Body in the Web site of Chinese Hospitals, Wei Luo


Women of China Magazine: The “Modern” Woman in A Discourse of Consumerism, Wei Luo

Submissions from 2011

Jew and Not-Jew: Anti-Semitism and the Postwar Hollywood Social Problem Film, Steven A. Carr PhD

Review of the book Screening a Lynching: The Leo Frank Case on Film and Television by Matthew H. Bernstein, Steven A. Carr PhD

Bridging Digital and Gender Divides: A Preliminary Study Applying Uses and Gratification Theory to Dot Diva’s Recruiting Strategies, Dacia Charlesworth

Review of Engaging the Online Learner: Activities and Resources for Creative Instruction, Marcia D. Dixson

Discursive Characterization as Both Embodiment and Critique: The Divergent Trajectories of Pat Tillman as an American Hero, Art Herbig

Mass Appeal: The Formative Age of the Movies, Radio, and TV. Journal of Communication, Art Herbig

Discursive Characterization as Both Embodiment and Critique: The Divergent Trajectories of Pat Tillman as an American Hero, Arthur W. Herbig

Breaking news: A postmodern rhetorical analysis of The Daily Show, Aaron Hess

Critical-Rhetorical Ethnography: Rethinking the Place and Process of Rhetoric, Aaron Hess

Purifying Laughter: Carnivalesque self-parody as argument scheme in The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, Aaron Hess

Submissions from 2010

Demystifying the Program Review Process: Ensuring Quality, Dacia Charlesworth

Re-presenting Subversive Songs: Applying Strategies for Invention and Arrangement to Nontraditional Speech Texts, Dacia Charlesworth

Creating Effective Student Engagement in Online Courses: What Do Students Find Engaging?, Marcia D. Dixson


Distance Makes the Heart Grow Anxious: Managing Long-Distance and Commuter Relationships, Marcia D. Dixson

Democracy through the lens of the camcorder: Argumentation and vernacular spectacle on YouTube in the 2008 election, Aaron Hess

Recognizing Contributions: Face Support/Threat Influences Students' Emotional and Communicative Responses, Carrie D. Kennedy-Lightsey Dr.

The Instrumental Use of Verbally Aggressive Messages., Carrie D. Kennedy-Lightsey Dr. and Matthew M. Martin Dr.


Friends Don't Let Friends Hook Up Drunk, Linda C. Lederman, Lisa Menegatos, and Aaron Hess

An Innovative Dialogue about College Drinking: Developing an Immediate Response Technology Model for Health Promotion, Marianne LeGreco, Aaron Hess, Linda C. Lederman, Tara Schuwerk, and Angela G. LaValley

The Effects of Supervisors' Verbal Aggressiveness and Mentoring on their Subordinates, Paul E. Madlock Dr and Carrie D. Kennedy-Lightsey

Can Verbally Aggressive Messages in the Instructor-Student Relationship be Constructive?, Matthew M. Martin Dr, Katie N. Dunleavy Dr., and Carrie D. Kennedy-Lightsey Dr.

Friends Don't Let Jane Hook Up Drunk: A Qualitative Analysis of Participation in a Simulation of College Drinking-Related Decisions, Lisa Menegatos, Linda C. Lederman, and Aaron Hess

Imagining Identities: Television Advertising and the Reconciliation of the Lebanese Conflict, Assem Nasr

Pirate Radio Stations (Lebanon), Assem Nasr

Submissions from 2009

Luise Rainer, Steven A. Carr PhD

Assign This: Considering Lyrics as Public Speeches: Extending the Application of Audience Analysis, Dacia Charlesworth

Instructor's Manual for Business Communication Today, 4th edition by Bovee and Thill, Dacia Charlesworth

Lifestyle Journalism, Jean Ann Colbert

Peace Journalism, Jean Ann Colbert

Submissions from 2008

How Some Things Never Change: Britney, the Joy of Pepsi, and the Familial Gaze, Steven A. Carr PhD

Staying for Time: The Holocaust and Atrocity Footage in American Public Memory, Steven A. Carr PhD

An Examination of the Parallels Between the National Woman Suffrage Association and Clinton's Presidential Campaign, Dacia Charlesworth

Combining Rhetorical Strategies with Service Learning: Using Women's Organizations as Case Studies, Dacia Charlesworth

Developing and Organizing Information for Public Speeches: An Interactive Approach, Dacia Charlesworth

Enhancing the Delivery of Beginning Communicators: Part II, Dacia Charlesworth

Judging the Supreme Court: Constructions of Motives in Bush v. Gore, Irwin Mallin

A Fragmented Unity: Lebanon’s War and Peace in Cultural Memory, Assem Nasr

Submissions from 2007

Wretched Refuse: Watching New York Ethnic Slum Films in the Aftermath of 9/11, Steven A. Carr PhD

Applying Cooperative Learning Technique in the Classroom: An Examination of Leadership Styles in CIS Majors, Dacia Charlesworth

Improving the Spread: Utilizing Theatrical Rehearsal Exercises to Enhance Debaters' Speaking Styles, Dacia Charlesworth and Greg Simerly

Whiteness, Pedagogy, Performance: Dis/Placing Race, Leda M. Cooks and Jennifer S. Simpson

An Historical Perspective on Fundamentalist Media: The Case of Al-Manar Television, Assem Nasr

Submissions from 2006

Mass Murder, Modernity, and the Alienated Gaze, Steven A. Carr PhD

Identifying Communication Apprehension Levels in Senior-Level Information Systems Majors: A Pilot Study, Dacia Charlesworth

Teaching Family Communication Concepts through Family Stories: An Analysis of Stories and Rituals in David Bradley's "Harvest Home", Marcia D. Dixson

Creating Effective Online Discussions: Instructor and Student Roles, Marcia D. Dixson, Michelle Kuhlhorst, and Amber Reiff

Creating Effective Online Discussions: Optimal Instructor and Student Roles, Marcia D. Dixson, Michelle Kuhlhorst, and Amber Reiff

Can't We All Just (Dis)agree?: Contentious Social Issues in the Classroom, Jennifer S. Simpson

Reaching for Justice: The Pedagogical Politics of Agency, Race, and Change, Jennifer S. Simpson

Submissions from 2005

L.I.E., The Believer, and the Sexuality of the Jewish Boy, Steven A. Carr PhD

Recontextualizing ‘The Change’: The Rhetorical and Performative Constructions of Menopause of Cybill, Dacia Charlesworth

Sanctioned Discourse: Women, Condoms, and HIV/AIDS in Early 1990s Government Brochures, Dacia Charlesworth

Pedagogical Implications of Technology: Toward a More Critical Stance of Instructional Technology, Dacia Charlesworth and William J. McKinney


Advertising in China: Reflections of Modernity and Glocalization, Wei Luo

Rhetorical Construction of Justice and Money in Citizens Bank v. Strumpf, Irwin Mallin