Submissions from 2017


Applying Scrum to Manage a Senior Capstone Project, Z. Chen

Modeling the Spread of Influence for Independent Cascade Diffusion Process in Social Networks, Z. Chen and Kurtis Taylor

Using Mental Models to Design for Learning: Lessong from Game Development, Aleshia T. Hayes

Submissions from 2016

Toward understanding spatial dependence on epidemic thresholds in networks, Z. Chen

Human Factors in Instructional Design of Serious Games and Educational Simulations., Aleshia T. Hayes

Using Human in The Loop Simulation in Virtual and Mixed Reality for Medical Training, Aleshia T. Hayes and Charles E. Hughes


PAGI World: A Physically Realistic, General-Purpose Simulation Environment for Developmental AI Systems, John Licato and Selmer Bringsjord


Embracing Inference as Action: A Step Towards Human-Level Reasoning, John Licato and Max Fowler

Formalizing Confidence Propagation in Analogico-Inductive Reasoning, John Licato and Max Fowler

Submissions from 2015


Constraints on Freely Chosen Action for Moral Robots: Consciousness and Control, Paul Bello, John Licato, and Selmer Bringsjord


Formalizing Deceptive Reasoning in Breaking Bad : Default Reasoning in a Doxastic Logic, John Licato

Submissions from 2011

Experimental Assessment of a Visual Interface Designed for Presenting Web Documents on Mobile Devices, Beomjin Kim and Benjamin Aeschliman

A Software Platform for Development and Evaluation of Visualization Techniques for Command and Control Applications, Beomjin J. Kim, Britton Wolfe, and Robert Sedlmeyer

TwitterReporter: Breaking News Detection and Visualization through the Geo-Tagged Twitter Network, Brett Meyer Dr., Kevin Bryan, Yamara Santos, and Beomjin Kim

Governing Delegation of Authority within SOA Enviroments Using KAoS, Robert Sedlmeyer, Jim Jacobs, Andrzej Uszok, and James Milligan

Information Architecture of a Clinical Decision Support System for NASA Life Support Project Advancing STEM, U John Tanik, Varadraj Gurupur, and Lee G. Moradi


Architecting and Implementation of an enhanced web platform for the software engineering society, U. John Tanik and Daniela Marghitu

Mining Top-k Closed Co-location Patterns, Jin Soung Yoo

Mining Maximal Co-location Patterns, Jin Soung Yoo and Mark Bow

Submissions from 2010


Using a Website and Wiki as a Support Tool for Teaching Assistants, Ganago Alexander, Bergom Inger, and Britton Wolfe

Exploring Concept Maps to Measure How College Students Learn and its Analysis with a Data Mining Technique, • Moon-Heum Cho, Jin Soung Yoo, and Barbara Kirkwood

Recognizing Human Gestures Utilizing the Nintendo Wii Remote, Tristan Hartzell, Daniel Hale, and Beomjin Kim

Pairwise Constrained Clustering with Group Similarity-Based Patterns, T M. Hu, C R. Liu, J Sun, S Y. Sung, and Peter A. Ng

Integrated Product Development Approach Utilizing Standardized Modeling Language and Methodologies, Deep Rauniyar and • U. John Tanik

Adventures in Computing for Teens: Revitalizing a Summer Exploration Camp, Robert Sedlmeyer

Survey on Cloud Computing Security, Shilpashree Srinivasamurthy and David Q. Liu


On Index Merging for Semantic Web Data, Lubomir Stanchev


Querying Incomplete Information using Bag Relational Algebra, Lubomir Stanchev

Describing Radio Hardware and Software Using OWL-DL for Software Download and Certification, Lubomir Stanchev and Todor Cookley

On Building an Index Advisor for Semantic Web Queries, Lubomir Stanchev and Grant Weddell

Transdisciplinary Healthcare Engineering: Implementing a Transdisciplinary Education and Research Program, U. J. Tanik


Learning Semantics from Relational Database Schema and Data, Ching-Song Don Wei, Jiann-Gwo Doong, and Peter A. Ng

Valid Parameters for Predictive State Representations, Britton Wolfe

Modeling Multiple-Mode Systems with Predictive State Representations, Britton Wolfe, Michael R. James, and Satinder Singh

Submissions from 2009

A Visual Analysis of Spatio-temporal Data Associated with Human Movement, Benjamin Aeschliman, Beomjin Kim, and Michael Burton

An Interactive Graphical Interface Presenting Data-Mined Customer Activity In Geotemporal Space, Michael Burton, Benjamin Aeschliman, Robin Mitchell, and Beomjin Kim


A Greenlite System: An Efficient Solar Energy Solution Using A Sun Tracker Panel And A Light Harvesting Control Panel, Z. Chen, Erik Pazos, Darian Garcia, Dayron Garcia, and Julio Duharte

Packet-Mode Asynchronous Scheduling Algorithm for Partially Buffered Crossbar Switches View Document, Masoumeh Karimi, Zhou Sun, Deng Pan, and Z. Chen

Dependency Analysis Using CART: An Empirical Study with Stock Quote, N. Mallikarjuna, M. Bow, and Jin Soung Yoo

Abstract Software Design Framework: An Artificial Intelligence-Based Framework for Building Software Systems, Varadraj Prabhu and U. J. Tanju

Visualized Index-Based Search for Digital Libraries, Jon Scott, Beomjin Kim, and sanyogita Chhabada

On Efficient Access to Knowledgebases, Lubomir Stanchev

Finding N-Most Prevalent Colocated Event Sets, Jin Soung Yoo and Mark Bow

PAIDS: A Proximity-Assisted Intrusion Detection System for Unidentified Worms View Document, Zhenyun Zhuang, Ying Li, and Z. Chen

Submissions from 2007

A Multi-user Decision Support System Conducted within a Dynamic Virtual Environment, Keith Bock, Michael Burton, Rod Strong, and Beomjin Kim

Geometric Thumbnails for Web Searching, Chris Dunn and Beomjin Kim

Reducing the Size of Auxiliary Data Needed to Support Materialized View Maintenance in a Data Warehouse Environment, Lubomir Stanchev

On Ordering Descriptions in a Description Logic, Lubomir Stanchev, Jeff Pound, David Toman, and Grant Weddell

Submissions from 2006

Automated Blood Volume Quantification from Color Doppler Images while Tracking the Conduit Motion, Beomjin Kim

Empirical Evaluation of a Visual Interface for Exploring Message Boards, Beomjin Kim, Philip Johnson, and Jason Baker

Submissions from 2004

A Study on Measurement of the Amount of Incoming Light in a Virtual Green House, Jaehyub Lee, Beomjin Kim, and David Erbach

Distributed Development of Software Engineering Professionals, Kenneth L. Modesitt

Neural Network Facilitated Analysis of Stress in a Biological Species, Emmanuel E. Udoh, David Erbach, and Ahmed Mustafa

Applying Database Technology in the Integration of Engineering Software Modules, Emmanuel Udoh and David Erbach

Towards an Integrated Biological Information System (BIS), Emmanuel Udoh and David Erbach

Submissions from 2003

Too Early, Too Late, or Just-in-time? Software Engineering Education at a Global Level: Who are the Players?, Kenneth L. Modesitt

Submissions from 2002

The Software Engineering Academy Joins Industry: Results of the First Annual International Survey and a Future Portrait, Kenneth L. Modesitt

Submissions from 2001

Academic Software Engineering: What is and What Could be? Results of the First Annual Survey for International SE Programs, Kenneth L. Modesitt, D. Bagert, and L. Werth

Submissions from 2000

Computer Fluency and the National Academies' Report (panel discussion), Kurt F. Lauckner, J. Philip East, Kenneth L. Modesitt, and Carol W. Wilson

Submissions from 1987

Space Shuttle Main Engine Anomaly Data and Inductive Knowledge-Based Systems: Automated Corporate Expertise, Kenneth L. Modesitt

Submissions from 1986

Space Shuttle Main Engine Test Analysis: A Case Study for Inductive Knowledge-Based Systems Involving Very Large Databases, Djamshid Asgari and Kenneth L. Modesitt