Submissions from 2016

Characterizing Heterogeneity in Vulnerable Hosts on Worm Propagation, Z. Chen and Chao Chen

The Contemporary Craft of Creating Characters Meets Today's Cognitive Architectures: A Case Study in Expressivity., John Licato, Selmer Bringsjord, and A. Bringsjord

Submissions from 2015


Visual Interfaces Designed for Searching Text Content on Mobile Devices, Todd Welch, Gregory Short, and Beomjin Kim

Submissions from 2013

Mobile Emergency Communication System Architecture, Erik A. Certain and David Q. Liu


Security and Privacy in Cloud Computing: A Survey, Shilpashree Srinivasamurthy, David Q. Liu, Athanasios V. Vasilakos, and Naixue Xiong

Submissions from 2012


A Linear Transform Scheme for Building Weighted Scoring Rules, Hu Tianming, S Y. Sung, X W. Ai, and Peter A. Ng

Mining Spatial Colocation Patterns: A Different Framework, Jin Soung Yoo and Bow Mark

Submissions from 2011


Exploring Digital Libraries through Visual Interfaces, Beomjin Kim, Jon Scott, and Seung Eun Kim

Visual Search Interfaces on Digital Libraries, Beomjin Kim, Jon Scott, and SeungEun Kim


Healthcare Information Visualization and Visual Analytics, Peter A. Ng and Ching-Song Don Wei

Bag Relational Algebra with Grouping and Aggregation over C-Tables with Linear Conditions, Lubomir Stanchev


Efficient Access to Non-Sequential Elements of a Search Tree, Lubomir Stanchev

Programming Embedded Computing Systems Using Static Embedded SQL, Lubomir Stanchev

Synergistic Validation Methodology for Knowledge-based Engineering Systems, U John Tanik

On Solving Some Heterogeneous Problems of Healthcare Information Sharing and Interoperability Using Ontology Computing, C S. Wei, J G. Doong, and Peter A. Ng

Visual Analysis of a Cardiovascular System Based on ECG and ABP Signals Using Evolvable Hardware Design, Fan Xiong, Prabhu Shrestha, Murat M. Tanik, U John Tanik, and Susan Vasani

Temporal Data Mining: Similarity-Profiled Association Pattern, Jin Soung Yoo

MIning Spatial Colocation Patterns: A Different Framework, Jin Soung Yoo and Mark Bow

Submissions from 2010

Using a Website and Wiki as a Support tool for Teaching Assistants, Alexander Ganago, Inger Bergom, and Britton Wolfe

3D Visualization in Elementary Education Astronomy: Teaching Urban Second Graders about the Sun, Earth, and Moon, Zeynep Isik-Ercan, Beomjin Kim, and Jeff Nowak

Saving Space and Time Using Index Merging, Lubomir Stanchev and Grant Weddell


Enhancing Intrusion Detection System with proximity information, Zhenyun Zhuang, Ying Li, and Z. Chen

Submissions from 2009


An Information-Theoretic View of Network-Aware Malware Attacks, Z. Chen and Chuanyi Ji

On Approaches to Congestion Control Over Wireless Networks, David Q. Liu and William Jean Baptiste

Similarity-Profiled Temporal Association Mining, Jin Soung Yoo and Shashi Shekhar

Submissions from 2008

Streaming Multimedia over Wireless Mesh Networks, David Q. Liu and Jason Baker

Extensible authentication protocols for IEEE standards 802.11 and 802.16, David Q. Liu and Mark Coslow

Systematic Component-Oriented Development with Axiomatic Design, Cengiz Togay, John Urcun Tanik, and Ali H. Dogru

Submissions from 2007

Connected Area Coverage Sets in Wireless Sensor Networks, David Q. Liu

Reducing the Size of Auxillary Data Needed to Support Materialized View Maintenance in a Data Warehouse Environment, Lubomir Stanchev

Why It's Worth the Hassle: The Value of In-Situ Studies When Designing Ubicomp, Tammy R. Toscos, Yvonne Rogers, Kay Connelly, Lenore Tedesco, William Hazlewood, Andrew Kurtz, Robert E. Hall, and Josh Hursey

Submissions from 2006

Graphical Interface for Visual Exploration of Online Discussion Forums, Beomjin Kim and Philip Johnson

Empirical Evaluation of a Visual Interface for Exploring Message Boards, Beomjin Kim, Philip Johnson, and Jason Baker

Submissions from 2005

Automated Volumetric Flow Quantification Using Angle-corrected Color Doppler Image, Beomjin Kim, J. S. Soble, T. D. Stamos, A Neumann, and J Robergé

Combining Power Management and Power Control in Multihop IEEE 802.11 ad hoc Networks, Ming Liu, Ming T. Liu, and David Q. Liu


Defining Network Activity Patterns Using First Order Temporal Logics, Lubomir Stanchev

Submissions from 2004


Visual Interface for Evaluating Internet Search Results, Beomjin Kim

Self-assembled Interconnection by Bamboo-like Carbon Nanotubes, Beomjin Kim, Sung-Hoon Kim, Jung-Chul Park, Sang Kuk Lee, Dong Uk Kim, and Young-Hun Kim

Burst scheduling for differentiated services in optical burst switching WDM networks, David Q. Liu and Ming T. Liu

Submissions from 2003


An Empirical Investigation of E-commerce Application Development Effectiveness, Adam S. Huarng, Ming Wang, and Beomjin Kim

Enhancement of the Diamond Film Characteristics by Increasing the Cyclic Moducation time Interval of CH4 Flow, Beomjin Kim

Submissions from 2000

Computer Fluency and the National Academies' Report, Kurt F. Lauckner, J. Philip East, Kenneth L. Modesitt, and Carol W. Wilson

Submissions from 1992

Basic Principles and Techniques in Knowledge Acquisition, Kenneth L. Modesitt

Submissions from 1989

Learning in an Introductory Expert Systems Course, David Warman and Kenneth L. Modesitt