Internet Marketing Integration For Small Inns: How Is It Measured?

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Poster Session

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Summer 7-29-2011

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International Council of Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional Educators

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Denver, Colorado

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The optimal use of internet resources and revenue management sytems requires financial capabilities generally not affordable by small lodging operations such as bed and breakfast (B&B) inns. This study addresses the issue of the marketing mix for small hotels. A survey instrument was used to collect data from this unique niche of inns. The analysis expected to reveal that a majority of B&B's are successful using only traditional print media, properietary website portals specific to this industry niche, and regional tourism/CVB portals. However, the use of third party distribution channels i snot expected to be significant. The examination expects to find that the majority of B&B's make good use of their home website, on-line directories, print materials, and statewide organizations, but cannot afford third party distribution channels. This information will be useful for business planning purposes and strategic manaement of family run B&B's.


distribution channels, bed and breakfast inns, SME's


Hospitality Administration and Management

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