Submissions from 2017

Speech-Language Pathologists' Use of Intelligibility Measures in Adults With Dysarthria, Naomi Gurevich and Sydney L. Scamihorn

Submissions from 2016

CSD Students and Service Learning: A Literary Experience, Pam Britton Reese

Decoding the Disciplines at the COAS 6th Annual Symposium on Teaching and Learning, Pam Britton Reese

The Classic Movies Come to Class, Pam Britton Reese

Submissions from 2015


An Investigation into Supervision Techniques to Support Shy CSD Students, Pam Britton Reese

Innovative Teaching Strategies at the E.C. Moore Symposium on Excellence in Teaching, Pam Britton Reese

Submissions from 2014


Identification and response latencies for Mandarin-accented isolated words in quiet and in noise, Jonathan M. Dalby, Teresa Barcenas, and Tanya August

Oral Facial Mechanism Evaluation for the Beginning Speech Language Pathologist DVD, Sharon Egly

An Old Dog Can Learn New Tricks, Pam Britton Reese

Submissions from 2012

The Dream Cycle, Sharon Egly

Submissions from 2009

Intelligibility of Spanish-Accented English Words in Noise, Jonathan M. Dalby and C. L. Rogers

Submissions from 2007

Design Features of Three Computer-Based Speech Training Systems, Jonathan M. Dalby and Diane Kewley-Port

Submissions from 2005

Explicit Pronunciation Training Using Automatic Speech Recognition Technology, Jonathan M. Dalby

I Would Like to Play But I Don't Know How, Lucille Hess

Forced-Choice Analysis of Segmental Production by Chinese-Accented English Speakers, Catherine L. Rogers and Jonathan M. Dalby

Submissions from 2004

Effects of Noise and Proficiency on Intelligibility of Chinese-Accented English, Jonathan M. Dalby

Submissions from 2002

AAC Communication, Sharon Egly

Submissions from 2000

Guide Practice (CD) Accompanies: Guide Language Sampling Analysis, Kristine E. Retherford, Lucille J. Hess, and Deb Sewards

Submissions from 1998

Let's Talk and Play: A Study of Poverty Mothers and Toddler Daughters, Lucille Hess

Submissions from 1997

Communication Begins at Birth: Are Infants at Risk for Development Identified Soon Enough?, Lucille Hess, Kristine Dohrman, and Beverly Huneck

Submissions from 1993

Face to face: Facilitating Adolescent Conversation Experiences (FACE), Lucille Hess

Conversation Skill Intervention Programme for Adolescents with Learning Disabilities, Lucille Hess, Marsha Wagner, Barbara DeWald, and Pat Conn

Submissions from 1992

Producing Videotapes as Professional Marketing Tools, Lucille Hess, Nancy Harlan, and Erin Dyer

Submissions from 1988

Model, Analyze, Practice (MAP): A Language Therapy Model for Learning-Disabled Adolescents, Lucille Hess

Acquisition of Back Channel Listener Responses to Adequate Messages, Lucille Hess and Judith R. Johnston

Submissions from 1982

Inclusion, Affection, Control: The Pragmatics of Intergenerational Communication, Lucille Hess

The Importance of Interpersonal Relationships in Therapeutic Settings, Lucille Hess

Submissions from 1981

What Every Family Should Know About Stroke, Lucille J. Hess and Robert E. Bahr