Continuing Education: Blood Pressure Guidelines and Screening Techniques

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Winter 2-29-2012

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Taking patients’ blood pressure during dental examinations is critical to their overall health. High blood pressure is a proven risk factor for cardiovascular disease, heart failure, stroke, and renal (kidney) disease. Many patients see a dentist more frequently than a physician, giving the dental team the responsibility to inform their patients of their blood pressure reading and how it may affect their overall health. Blood pressure should be taken at each recare dental examination, before any procedure on patients with a history of high blood pressure, and before procedures that cause apprehension, such as oral surgery. The patient should always be told what their blood pressure reading is so that they can keep track of differences themselves. Establishing a baseline reading for your patient in a non-stress producing environment produces a more accurate reading if you need to make a medical referral. Screening for blood pressure by the dental professional has proven to be extremely effective since many patients with hypertension may be unaware of their condition.


continuing education, dentistry, blood pressure, hypertension



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