Dynamic Patterns of Policy Reinvention: Medicaid Managed Care Programs

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Midwest Political Science Association (MPSA) Annual National Conference

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Chicago, Illinois, USA


This paper explores two main questions with related to innovation, reinvention, and diffusion studies. First, I revisit the reinvention scholars’ argument that later adopters tend to have more extensive policies than earlier adopters. Second, I hypothesize that not only neighboring states’ experiences but also states’ own experiences will provide internal learning opportunities. I test these two hypotheses using a case of Medicaid managed care. This is a good case for this study since it consists of bundled elements and states have multiple opportunities to reinvent the program over time. The empirical findings are summarized as follows. First, later adopters are not necessarily being progressive compared to earlier adopters even though states are more likely to do an action as time goes. In addition, the results indicate that the progressiveness of the Medicaid managed care previously adopted reduces the likelihood of states taking an extra action. However, it was statistically insignificant to explain the extensiveness/ progressiveness of the program.


Other Political Science | Public Affairs, Public Policy and Public Administration

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