Submissions from 2018

Winning the War on Poverty: Applying the Lessons of History to the Present, Brian L. Fife

Submissions from 2017


Trust in Government and Income Inequality, Nurgul R. Aitalieva Ph.D.

Submissions from 2016


Public Confidence in Government: Public Service Motivation and Political Ideology, Diana Bernal, Stephanie Bixler, and Nurgul R. Aitalieva Ph.D.


Renewing the American Commitment to the Common School Philosophy: School Choice in the Early Twenty-First Century, Brian L. Fife

Coming Out: The Career Management of One’s Sexual Identity, Nicholas A. Guittar and Rachel L. Rayburn

Citizen Trust in Civil Servants: A Cross-National Examination, David J. Houston Ph.D., Nurgul R. Aitalieva Ph.D., Andrew Morelock, and Chris Shults

Different Combining Process Between Male and Female Patients to Reach Their Overall Satisfaction, Koichiro Otani, Paula R. Buchanan, Samir P. Desai, and Patrick A. Herrmann

Submissions from 2015


Procedural Bias in American Planning Governance: A Case for Incorporating Citizen Participation Within Technical Advisory Committees, Stephen W. Kleinschmit

Guns & Criminals, James D. Wright and Rachel L. Rayburn

Submissions from 2014

Congress and Electoral Reform in the Early Twenty-First Century, Brian L. Fife


Social Media and the Government Employee: Reconciling Our Public & Private Digital Identities, Stephen W. Kleinschmit and Byoung Joon Kim


“I’m not an alcoholic anymore”: Getting and staying sober without meetings, Rachel L. Rayburn

Pain and the Politics of Hydrocodone, Stephen J. Ziegler Ph.D., J.D.

The Scorpion, the Frog, and the Viability of Balanced Policy Efforts in Pharmaceutical Diversion Investigations, Stephen J. Ziegler Ph.D., J.D.

Submissions from 2013

The Political Activities of American Corporate Leaders, Nurgul Aitalieva and Anthony Nownes

Old School Still Matters: Lessons from History to Reform Public Education in America, Brian L. Fife

Two Decades and a Category Five Hurricane Latter...Tracking Homeless Substances Abusers in New Orleans, Rachel L. Rayburn

Understanding Homelessness, Mental Health and Substance Abuse through a Mixed Methods Longitudinal Approach, Rachel L. Rayburn

Attraction in the Field: What We Need to Acknowledge and Implications for Research and Teaching, Rachel L. Rayburn, Liz Grauerholz, Mandi Barringer, Nicholas Guittar, and Jamie Hecht

This is Where You are Supposed to Be: Homeless Individuals Cope with Stigma, Rachel L. Rayburn and Nicholas A. Guittar


Governmental Intervention in Prescribing: Reducing Harm and Medico-legal Iatrogenesis, Stephen J. Ziegler Ph.D., J.D.


Patient Abandonment in the Name of Opioid Safety, Stephen J. Ziegler Ph.D., J.D.

The Use and Impact of the Criminal Process on the Treatment of Pain in the USA, Stephen J. Ziegler Ph.D., J.D.

Submissions from 2012

International Exchange as a Transformative Learning Experience: A Case Study, Sheena Choi, Michael D. Slaubaugh, and Ae-Sook Kim

Federalism, Education, and Citizenship in an Era of Democratic Deliberation, Brian L. Fife


Nonpoint Source Pollution Reduction in Coastal Communities: An Extension Service Guide to Stormwater Management Practices, George J. Jolley and Stephen W. Kleinschmit

Evolution of an Innovation: Variations in Medicaid Managed Care Program Extensiveness, Ae-Sook Kim and Edward T. Jennings

Social Media and Web 2.0 for Rethinking E-government Maturity Models, B. Joon Kim and Savannah Robinson

Lethal Rejection: Recounting Offenders’ Experience in Prison and Societal Reaction Post Release, Jospeter M. Mbuba

Patient Satisfaction and Organizational Impact: A Hierarchical Linear Modeling Approach., Koichiro Otani, B. Joon Kim, Brian Waterman, Sarah Boslaugh, W. Dean Klinkenberg, and W. Clainborne Dunagan

Patient Satisfaction: How Patient Health Conditions Influence Their Satisfaction, Koichiro Otani, B. Waterman, and W. C. Dunagan

Death, Drugs, and Disaster: Mortality Among New Orleans’ Homeless, Rachel L. Rayburn, Heili Pals, and James D. Wright

Felons and Gun Control, Rachel L. Rayburn and James D. Wright

Submissions from 2011


Tennessee Municipal Benchmarking Project FY2010, Frances Adams-O'Brien, Rich Whitehead, Nurgul R. Aitalieva Ph.D., Matthew Marshall, and David Folz


Cell Phone Use with Social Ties during Crises: The Case of the Virginia Tech Tragedy, Andrea Kavanaugh, Steven Sheetz, Francis Quek, and B. Joon Kim

Explaining Variations in Medicaid Managed Care Program Coverage, Ae-Sook Kim and Edward T. Jennings

Social Media, Social Design and Social Construction: Dialectic Approach for the Use of Social Media in the Public Sector, B. Joon Kim and Farida Adam

Civic Engagement and Internet Use in Local Governance: Hierarchical Linear Models for Understanding the Role of Local Community Groups, B. Joon Kim, Andrea Kavanaugh, and Karen Hult

Inpatients’ Willingness to Recommend: A Multi-level Analysis, Dean Klinkenberg, Sarah Boslaugh, Brian M. Waterman, Koichiro Otani, Joe M. Inguanzo, Jan Caroulus Gnida, and Claiborne Dunagan

Approaches to Crime Control and Order Maintenance in Transitional Societies: The role of Village Headmen, Chiefs, Sub-Chiefs & Administration Police in Rural Kenya, Jospeter M. Mbuba and Florence N. Mugambi

Improving Patient Satisfaction in Hospital Care Settings, Koichiro Otani, Patrick A. Herrmann, and Richard S. Kurz

The Drunk, the Addicted, and the Just Plain Shiftless?, Rachel L. Rayburn, James D. Wright, and Amy M. Donley

Why Don’t We Know More About Best Practices in Physician Investigations?, Stephen J. Ziegler Ph.D., J.D.

Submissions from 2010

Reforming the Electoral Process in America: Toward More Democracy in the 21st Century, Brian L. Fife

Reforming the Electoral Process in America: Toward More Democracy in the 21st Century, Brian L. Fife

Democratic Governance and Discursive Democracy, B. Joon Kim

Attitude Towards the Police: The Significance of Race and Other Factors Among College Students, Jospeter M. Mbuba

Criminological Theory: Past to Present, Essential Readings, 3rd Edition. Oxford University Press. 606 Pages. By Francis T. Cullen and Robert Agnew, (eds.). 2006, Jospeter M. Mbuba


Predicting Methamphetamine and Other Drug Offending: Evidence From a Rural County Drug Court., Jospeter M. Mbuba and Hancock W. Barry

Improving Patient Evaluation of Hospital Care and Increasing Their Intention to Recommend: Are they the same or different Constructs?, Koichiro Otani, Patrick A. Herrmann, and Richard S. Kurz

Patient Satisfaction Integration Process: Are There Any Racial Differences?, Koichiro Otani, Patrick A. Herrmann, and Richard S. Kurz

How Patient Reactions to Hospital Care Attributes Affect the Evaluation of Overall Quality of Care, Willingness to Recommend, and Willingness to Return., Koichiro Otani, Brian Waterman, Kelly Faulkner, Sarah Boslaugh, and Claiborne Dunagan

Expectation of Connectedness and Cell Phone Use in Crisis, Steven Sheetz, Andrea Kavanaugh, Francis Quek, B. Joon Kim, and Szu-Chia Lu

Submissions from 2009

Reasons Why People in Switzerland Seek Assisted Suicide: The View of Patients and Physicians, Bernd J. Fischer; C. A. Huber; M. Furter; L. Imhof; R. M. Imhof; Stephen J. Ziegler Ph.D., J.D.; and G. Bosshard

Local Groups Online: Political Learning and Participation, Andrea Kavanaugh, Than T. Zin, Joseph Schmitz, Mary B. Rosson, B. Joon Kim, and John M. Carroll

Local Groups Online: Political Learning and Participation, Andrea Kavanaugh, Than T. Zin, Joseph Schmitz, Mary B. Rosson, B. Joon Kim, and John M. Carroll

Effects of U.S. States’ Social Welfare Systems on Population Health, Ae-Sook Kim and Edward T. Jennings

Do Members of Racial Minority Groups Have an Affinity With Serious Crime? An Empirical Analysis, Jospeter M. Mbuba

Healthcare Cost and Predictive Factors: High- and Low-Utilization Model Development, Koichiro Otani and William W. Baden

Patient Satisfaction: Focusing on “Excellent”, Koichiro Otani, B. Waterman, K. M. Faulkner, S. Boslaugh, T. E. Burroughs, and W. C. Dunagan

Collaborated Death: An Exploration of the Swiss Model of Assisted Suicide for its Potential to Enhance Oversight and Demedicalize the Dying Process, Stephen J. Ziegler

Final Questions and Comments from a Physician Assisted Suicide Researcher, Stephen J. Ziegler

Submissions from 2008

Assessment of Requests for Assisted Suicide by a Swiss Right-to-Die Society, G. Bosshard, E. Ulrich, Stephen J. Ziegler, and W. Bär

The Anatomy and Ideology of a Charter, Brian L. Fife

Suicide assisted by two Swiss right-to-die organisations, Bernd J. Fischer; C. A. Huber; L. Imhof; R. M. Imhof; M. Furter; Stephen J. Ziegler Ph.D., J.D.; and G. Bosshard

The New American Social Compact: Rights and Responsibilities in the Twenty-first Century, Jane Grant

Net Gains in Political Participation: Secondary Effects of Internet on Community, Andrea Kavanaugh, B. Joon Kim, Manuel Pérez-Quiñones, Joseph Schmitz, and Philip Isenhour


The Criminal is to Go Free Because the Constable Has Blundered: Challenges of Law Enforcement In the Face of the Exclusionary Rule, Jospeter M. Mbuba

Prognostics of Recidivism for Incarcerated Juvenile Offenders: More Evidence, Jospeter M. Mbuba and Charles E. Grenier

Answering The Economic Call, Geralyn M. Miller

A Research Perspective on the Future of Retirement, Geralyn M. Miller

Institute For Pension Plan Management, Geralyn M. Miller and Kim Szatkowski

Metropolitan Governmental Fragmentation, David C. Nice and Stephen J. Ziegler Ph.D., J.D.

Understanding Homicide Trends: The Social Context of a Homicide Epidemic, Benjamin J. Pearson-Nelson

Gender, Guns, and Legislating: An Analysis of State Legislative Policy Preferences, Thomas D. Stucky, Geralyn M. Miller, and Linda M. Murphy

Submissions from 2007

Local Community Groups and Internet Use: Examining Contents of Local Community Groups’ Websites., B. Joon Kim, Andrea Kavanaugh, and Karen Hult

Race and Women in Crime: A Longitudinal and Cross-Sectional Comparison of Arrests for Black and Latino Females with White Females, Jospeter M. Mbuba

From Citing Authority to Rallying Support, AnnaMarie Schuh and Geralyn M. Miller

Pain, Patients, and Prosecution: Who is Deceiving Whom?, Stephen J. Ziegler

Role of Non-Governmental Organizations in Physician Assisted Suicide, Stephen J. Ziegler and Georg Bosshard

Submissions from 2006

Where the Rivers Meet: An Ecological History of Fort Wayne & Allen County, Jane Grant

Enrollees' Global Rating Process of Health Care with the National CAHPS Benchmarking Database, Koichiro Otani

A Symposium to Begin a Dialogue about Values Perspectives in the Public Sector, AnnaMarie Schuh and Geralyn M. Miller

Maybe Wilson Was Right: Espoused Values and Their Relationship to Enacted Values, AnnaMarie Schuh and Geralyn M. Miller

For the Future of Fort Wayne: A Brief History of Urban Planning in Allen County, John Stafford

Euthanasia and the Administration of Neuromuscular Blockers Without Ventilation: Should Physicians Fear Prosecution, Stephen J. Ziegler Ph.D., J.D.

Euthanasia and the Administration of Neuromuscular Blockers without Ventilation: Should Physicians Fear Prosecution?, Stephen J. Ziegler

Increasing Response Rates in Mail Surveys Without Increasing Error: A Research Note, Stephen J. Ziegler

Submissions from 2005

Indiana Statewide Testing for Educational Progress: Elementary School Achievement Averaged Over Time, William G. Ludwin

A Refutation of Racial Differentials in the Juvenile Recidivism Rate Hypothesis, Jospeter M. Mbuba

The Quirks that Came With Hurricane Katrina, Jospeter M. Mbuba

Baton Rouge: Case Study of Katrina’s Rage, Jospeter P. Mbuba

Excessive Use of Force By Kenyan Riot Police Can Be Controlled, Jospeter P. Mbuba

Locating the Vanguard in Rising and Falling Homicide Rates, Steven F. Messner, Glenn D. Deane, Luc Anselin, and Benjamin Pearson-Nelson

Fostering Better Public Management through Education: A Call for Institutional Reconsideration of the Tenure Criteria, Geralyn M. Miller

Methodology, Statistics, and Voting Error: An Exploration of 2000 Presidential Election Data in Two States, Geralyn M. Miller

The Benefits of Scholarly Discourse: A Response to "Studying Elections: Data Quality and Pitfalls in Measuring of Effects of Voting Technologies Across States", Geralyn M. Miller

Managing Primary Care Using Patient Satisfaction Measures, Koichiro Otani, Richard S. Kurz, and Lisa E. Harris

Physician-Assisted Suicide and Criminal Prosecution: Are Physicians at Risk?, Stephen J. Ziegler

The World Institute of Pain: Advancing Research and Clinical Practice, Stephen J. Ziegler