Submissions from 2017

Activist literacy and Jurgen Habermas: Identifying and evaluating validity claims, Cheu-jey Lee

Submissions from 2016

Biblical reading and critical reading: How do they inform each other in interpreting the text?, Cheu-jey Lee

Teaching Critical Literacy Through Children’s Books, Cheu-jey Lee

Satiric Remixes: Crafting Commentaries about Sports and Society, Luke Rodesiler

Teacher to Teacher: An Investigation into Teacher-generated Online Professional Development, Luke Rodesiler

#LIKEAGIRL: Offsetting Inequities through the Study of Sports-based Nonfiction, Luke Rodesiler and Gina Mattioli

Submissions from 2015

Learning to Write as a Social Practice, Cheu-jey Lee

What can we learn from Jurgen Habermas about reading the word and the world critically?, Cheu-jey Lee

Rationalizing the Production and Distribution of Student-generated Media, Luke Rodesiler

The Sweet Science of Satire: Sports-based Social Commentaries in the ELA Classroom, Luke Rodesiler

Submissions from 2014

PBL in Undergraduate Courses: Extending the service-learning paradigm, M. Gail Hickey

PBL in Undergraduate Courses: Extending the service-learning paradigm, M. Gail Hickey

Pre-service teachers’ perspectives of initial PBL experiences: A case study, M. Gail Hickey

Pre-service teachers’ perspectives of initial PBL experiences: A case study, M. Gail Hickey

‘So, are you Hindi?’ Religion and education in U.S. South Asian migrant narratives, M. Gail Hickey

'We can learn from each other': Preservice teachers and service learning, M. Gail Hickey

International faculty as instrument of international and intercultural learning in higher education, M. Gail Hickey and Sheena Choi

International faculty as instrument of international and intercultural learning in higher education, M. Gail Hickey and Sheena Choi

Activist literacies: Identifying and evaluating validity claims, Cheu-jey G. Lee

Uncovering subjectivity in teaching and research, Cheu-jey G. Lee

From data to wisdom: Building systems that engage faculty, Carolyn Y. Lindquist and Terri J. Swim

Rough & Tumble Play for Infants and Toddlers: A necessary strategy for supporting optimal development, Terri J. Swim

Submissions from 2013

Burmese students and gifted readers collaborating: A good idea?, M. Gail Hickey

Problem-based learning in graduate courses: Extending the service learning paradigm, M. Gail Hickey

South Asian Students in Gifted Education: Importance of the Home-School Connection, M. Gail Hickey

Service learning in Northeast Indiana., M. Gail Hickey, Nancy K. Mann, Talia Bugel, and Jospeter M. Mbuba

Habermasian criteria for critical literacy: An example of critical text analysis and its implications, Cheu-jey G. Lee

Systemic colonization of the educational lifeworld: An example in literacy education, Cheu-jey G. Lee

Supporting English language learners: The impact of a volunteer tutoring program on new immigrant children and pre-service teachers, Joe D. Nichols and Kyaw Soe

Submissions from 2012

Globalization and Forced Human Migration, Sheena Choi

Bringing History Home: Integrating Social Studies and Language Arts, M. Gail Hickey

'Not Any of Us Go to College': Understanding Migrant and Refugee College Students' Needs, M. Gail Hickey

‘People Were Kind of Shocked’: Gender, Religion, and Work in U.S. South Asian Women’s Narratives, M. Gail Hickey

‘That Was a big Shock to Me’: Community in South Asian Acculturation Narratives, M. Gail Hickey

‘Totally Different Than My Other Courses’: Teacher Education and Service Learning, M. Gail Hickey

Metadiscourse in Children’s Persuasive Essays, IL-Hee Kim

In Search of Subjectivity: A Reflection of a Teacher Educator in a Cross-cultural Context, Cheu-jey Lee

Praxis Epistemology, Cheu-jey Lee

Project Based Learning and Invitations: A Comparison, Cheu-jey Lee

An analysis of pre-service teacher responses to participation in a literacy program for new immigrant children, Joe D. Nichols

Is Knowing Enough? The Impact of Community Volunteerism on Early Literacy Development, Joe Nichols, IL-Hee Kim, and Get Nichols

Submissions from 2011

Ethnic Brethren and National “Other”: North Korean Refugee Youths in South Korean Schools, Sheena Choi

Multiculturalism and Teacher Education in a Plural Society: A Case Study of an American Teacher Education Program, Sheena Choi

Protesting Identity: Memories of the Kwangju Uprising and Effects on the Identity Formation of Youths, Sheena Choi

If America were a Village: Teaching About the World Throught NCSS Notable Trade Books, M. Gail Hickey

‘I Throw the Gun Away’: Gender in Burmese Migration Narratives, M. Gail Hickey

‘We Weren’t Allowed to Date’: U.S. South Asian Courtship Narratives, M. Gail Hickey

Being Muslim and American: The Voices of Turkish Immigrant Children, Zeynep Isik-Ercan

"How Do I Fit?” Turkish Immigrant Children Navigating Social Relationships in Schooling Contexts, Zeynep Isik-Ercan

Using Case Studies as a Way to Teach Theoretical Concepts in Child Development and Education, Zeynep Isik-Ercan

Exploring Continuities and Discontinuities for Teacher Candidates Between University and Early Childhood Classrooms, Laurie Katz, Zeynep Isik-Ercan, and Judith Green

Effects of Online Literature Discussions on Children's Writing, IL-Hee Kim

Myths about Critical Literacy: What Teachers Need to Unlearn, Cheu-jey Lee

On the Problematic of Emancipation in Education, Cheu-jey Lee

What Do We Mean by Literacy? Implications for Literacy Education, Cheu-jey Lee

Engaging Pre-Service Teachers’ Social Imagination: Exploring the Politics of Language for the Public Good, Cheu-jey Lee, Glenda Moss, and Elaine Coughlin

Submissions from 2010

Primordial Brethren and National “Other”: North Korean Refuge Youth in South Korea and Their Identity Formation, Sheena Choi

‘About a Thousand Students Were Killed’: U.S. Burmese Refugees Recall the 1988 Uprising, M. Gail Hickey

‘The Most Difficult Adjustment Was Food’: U.S. South Asian Food Narratives, M. Gail Hickey

Specialized Needs of Burmese Students in U.S. Schools, M. Gail Hickey, Sheena Choi, and Kyaw Soe

Rethinking Third Space: Turkish Parents and Children Negotiating Culture, Identity and Schooling, Zeynep Isik-Ercan

Thinking about the Earth, Sun and Moon: Urban Second Graders as Investigators., Zeynep Isik-Ercan

Third Spaces as Methodological Possibilities: Reflections of a Researcher Moving Beyond, Zeynep Isik-Ercan

3D Visualization in Elementary Education Astronomy: Teaching Urban Second Graders about Sun, Earth, and the Moon, Zeynep Isik-Ercan, Beomjin Kim, and Jeffrey A. Nowak

Students’ Participation in Free-flowing Peer-managed Discussions: A Cross-cultural Study of the U. S., China, and South Korea, IL-HEE KIM

From Suspicion to Critical Literacy, Cheu-jey Lee

On the Problematic of Critique in Critical Literacy, Cheu-jey Lee

What Do They Mean by Constructivism?, Cheu-jey Lee

Avoiding Common Pedagogical Errors in Teaching the Holocaust, David H. Lindquist

Curriculum Resources for Teaching the Holocaust, David H. Lindquist

Elie Wiesel's Night: His Historical Context, David H. Lindquist

Establishing the Ghettos, David H. Lindquist

Medical Experiments in Nazi Germany, David H. Lindquist

Opening a Holocaust Unit: Assessing Students’ Prior Knowledge, David H. Lindquist

Resistance to the Holocaust, David H. Lindquist

The Visual Representations of Antisemitism, David H. Lindquist

We Must Bear Witness: Teaching the Holocaust in Indiana Classrooms, David H. Lindquist and Kelly Watson

Lessons From History: Nazi Propaganda, Media Literacy, and the Information Age, Peter Mehlbach and David H. Lindquist

The Impact of Volunteerism: A Community Comes Together to Support Childhood Reading and Literacy, Joe D. Nichols Dr., Jonathan C. Hilpert, IL-HEE KIM, Get W. Nichols, and Jamie Garwood

Submissions from 2009

Globalization, International Migration, Demographic Shifts and Challenges for Education in South Korea: Education of Multiethnic Children, Sheena Choi

Changing Perspective: Investigating Facilitative Multicultural Pedagogy in a Graduate Degree Program, M. Gail Hickey

‘Dating is Still Taboo’: Adolescence in U.S. South Asian Families, M. Gail Hickey

Going to School in India: Multicultural Perspectives of Schooling, M. Gail Hickey

The Role of Knowledge Satisfaction and Moral Values in Young Adult Learning about HPV, Jonathan Hilpert, Sarah K. Brem, M. L. Carrion, and Jenefer Husman

Testing the Dissatisfaction Hypothesis Within a Realistic HPV Learning Context, Jonathan Hilpert, Sarah K. Brem, and Jenefer Husman

Knowledge Satisfaction, Moral Beliefs, and Human Papillomavirus: A False Sense of Dissatisfaction, Jonathan Hilpert, S. K. Brem, J. Husman, and M. L. Carrion

A Qualitative Investigation of Stereotype Threat Activation and Mediation, Jonathan Hilpert and L. Doan

Programmatic Research: An Example, Jenefer Husman, Jonathan Hilpert, J. Lee, W. S. Kim, and Glenda Stump

Carving a Space for Themselves: Evolving Roles and Perspectives in Supervising Pre-Service Teachers, Zeynep Isik-Ercan

Looking at School from the House Window: Learning from Turkish-American Parents' Experiences with Schooling and Their Vision of Education, Zeynep Isik-Ercan

Reconceptualizing Field Experiences and Its Relationship to Other Teacher Preparation Contexts, L. Katz and Zeynep Isik-Ercan


Cross-cultural Study of American and Korean Students’ Reflective Essays and Collaborative Literature Discussions, IL-HEE KIM, Richard C. Anderson, Brian W. Miller, Jongseong Jeong, and Terri Jo Swim

A Diagnostic Reading of constructivism in Qualitative Research, Cheu-jey Lee

How Can White Pre-Service Teachers Experience the Oppressive Power of Literacy?, Cheu-jey Lee

Native versus Non-Native: A Teacher Educator's Story, Cheu-jey Lee

The Janus Face of Power: Foucault versus Habermas, Cheu-jey Lee

Perception of Instrumentality for Two Required Courses in an Engineering Curriculum: What Difference Does it Make?, J. E. Lee, Jonathan Hilpert, and J. Husman

Guidelines for Teaching the Holocaust: Avoiding Common Pedagogical Errors, David H. Lindquist

Why Didn't the Jews Leave Germany?, David H. Lindquist

Focus on Trusting Relationships: A Child's Real Key to Development and School Success, M. Marion, D. Howland, T. Day, and Terri Jo Swim