Submissions from 2017

System re-design of first tier automotive value stream, David S. Cochran, Behin Elahi, and T. Spurlock


Manufacturing System Design Decomposition: An Ontology for Data Analytics and System Design Evaluation, J. T. Foley and David S. Cochran

Submissions from 2016

Self-Stopping Epidemic Routing in Cooperative Wireless Mobile Sensor Networks, Chao Chen and Z. Chen


Manufacturing System Design meets Big Data Analytics for Continuous Improvement, David S. Cochran, D Kinard, and Zhuming M. Bi

A System Design of a Rural Hospital Operating Room, David S. Cochran, J Li, K Vanover, and J T. Foley


How Hospital ER Team is Sustaining Improvements through Tone in Collective System Design, David S. Cochran and Joe Swartz


Desirable Complexity, J T. Foley, E Puik, and David S. Cochran

Fatigue Life Modeling of Linear Actuators in Robotics and Automation, Krishna Meruva and Zhuming M. Bi

Technique for Improving the Accuracy of Strain Gradient Measurement Utilizing Electrical-Resistance Strain Gages, Nashwan Younis

Submissions from 2015

Design and Development of Solar Water Heating System with Phase Change, Hosni Abu-Mulaweh and Donald W. Mueller Jr.


EMI reduction of boost APFC based energy system, Istiaque Mauf Ahmad, Ming Li, A. Eroglu, C. Pomalaza-Ráez, and Roger Becerra

Further Improvement of a Course on Discrete-Event Modeling and Simulation: A Follow Up Study, Ali Alavizadeh

Investigating the Impact of Offering Statistics on Students Success, Ali Alavizadeh

A Sequence of Courses Using 8, 16, and 32 bit Microcontroller/DSP Boards, Harold Broberg

Innovative Redesign to Enhance Student Learning and Practice in Data Structures Course, Chao Chen

Photooxidation of natural organic matter to mitigate fouling of RO membranes, Dong Chen, D D. Sun, and J H. Tay


A sensor system to monitor the early-stage corrosion of A36 carbon steel, Dong Chen, Max Yen, Paul Lin, Steve Groff, Richard Lampo, Michael McInerney, and Jeffrey Ryan

Sustainable Enterprise Design, David S. Cochran and Jason A. Barnes

Collective System Design of St. Francis Hospital ER, David S. Cochran and J Swartz

Making Software Defined Networks Semantic, Todor Cooklev

How to Use Graphical Data Presentation Techniques to Improve Student Success, Curriculum, and Program Assessment, Barry Dupen

Class D amplifier design for pulsing applications, A. Eroglu

RF generator design for pulsed power systems, A. Eroglu

High power combiner/divider design for dual band RF power amplifiers, K J. Flattery, S Amin, Y Mahamat, A. Eroglu, and D Ronnow

The complete model of high efficient drive system for electric vehicles, A Gannon, B Henry, and A. Eroglu

A Novel Approach to Embodiment Design of a Robotic System for Maximum Workspace, F Gao, J Le, Z Q. Qian, X J. Wang, Zhuming M. Bi, and W J. Zhang

Digital Image Correlation and its Application in an Undergraduate Civil Engineering Materials Laboratory, Ahmadreza Hedayat and Suleiman A. Ashur

Transforming the Microprocessor Course: Enhance Learning Objectives with Embedded Processors, Yanfei Liu and Guoping Wang Dr.


Modeling, Simulation, and Implementation of an Electric Vehicle, C McIntosh, J Weaver, A Cobos, A Swihart, M Eilerman, A. Eroglu, Hosni Abu-Mulaweh, and Hossein Oloomi

Sustainable Energy Sources and Systems: Course Description and Projects, Donald W. Mueller Jr.

Heat Loss from a Pin Fin Cooled by Convection and Radiation: A Fundamental Study, Donald W. Mueller Jr. and Hosni Abu-Mulaweh


Use of CAD Software to Solve Trigonometry and Vector Problems, Donald W. Mueller Jr., Suleiman A. Ashur, Zhuming M. Bi, S. Scott Moor, and Indrajit Ray

Advising for Retention and Graduation, Michelle Parker


Design and Experiment of Miniaturized and Low-Cost Robotic Fish with Customized Electromagnetic Actuation, Zhiquing Qian, Hongzhou Liu, and Zhuming M. Bi


Design Decomposition for Selecting an Electric arc Furnace Off-gas System for SDI Butler Flat Roll Division, A J. Spencer and David S. Cochran

GAP Analysis of Engineering Course Learning Outcomes, Syllabus and program Learning Outcomes Using NCEES FE Exam, E Tanbour and Suleiman Ashur

Our Experience of Teaching Embedded Real-Time Operating System, Guoping Wang Dr.

The Application Studies of Embedded System Development Platforms, Guoping Wang Dr.

Submissions from 2014


Enterprise Engineering of Lean Accounting and Value Stream Structure through Collective System Design, David S. Cochran, Rick Sereno, and Wendell Aldrich


A Comprehensive and Hierarchical Ontology for Wireless Systems, Todor Cooklev and Lubomir Stanchev


Forest vs. Trees - Our Experience of Teaching Embedded Systems, Guoping Wang

Submissions from 2013

An Integrated Environment for Visualization of Distributed Wireless Sensor Networks, Zhuming M. Bi


Enhancement of the Systems Engineering Process in the Life Cycle with Axiomatic Design, David S. Cochran and Jason A. Barnes

Design Considerations for a WARP-Based Real-Time Software-Defined GPS Receiver, Jeremy Hershberger, Elizabeth A. Thompson, and Timothy Loos


A Real-Time WARP-Based Data Capture and Playback Test Bed for DSP Applications, J Hershberger, Elizabeth A. Thompson, and T Loos

Submissions from 2012

A Multidisciplinary Capstone Senior Project: Interactive Cooling System, H. I. Abu-Mulaweh, H. M. Oloomi, Donald W. Mueller Jr., and O. A. Thomas

Hands-On Open-Access Broadband Wireless Technology Lab, Y. Alqudah and Todor Cooklev

Framework for Developing and Implementing an Improved Assessment Plan for a New Civil Engineering Program, Suleiman Ashur

Assessment of Students’ Performance in Statics to Identify Weaknesses and Improve Learning Outcomes, Suleiman Ashur and Mohammad Alhassan

Developing Course Assessment Tool to Measure the Degree of Achieving Course Learning Outcomes, Suleiman Ashur and Mohammad Alhassan

Real-Time Error Predication for High-Precision Operation of Parallel Kinematic Machines, Zhuming Bi and Guoping Wang

A Study on Optimal Machine Setups Using an Energy Modeling Approach, Zhuming Bi and L. Wang

Heterogeneity in Vulnerable Hosts Slows Down Worm Propagation, Chao Chen and Z. Chen

“Enzymatic Treatment of Alginate to Reduce Membrane Fouling for Municipal Wastewater Reuse”, Dong Chen

“Ultrasonic Control of Ceramic Membrane Fouling Caused by Synthetic and Surface Waters: Effects of NOM, pH and Calcium”, Dong Chen, Y. Gao, L. K. Weavers, and H. W. Walker

“Enzymatic Control of Alginate Fouling of Ceramic Micro- and Ultra-Filtration Membranes: Effect of Solution Chemistry”, Dong Chen, P. Szostak, and Michael Columbia

The Challenges of Advanced Manufacturing System Design and Sustainability, David S. Cochran

The Lean Accountant’s Role in System Design and Implementation, David S. Cochran

Education Approach in Japan for Management and Engineering of Systems, David S. Cochran and M. Kawada

Coded OFDM Wireless Systems with Generalized Prefix, H. Dogan, H. Yildiz, Todor Cooklev, and Y. Acar

Interactive Matching Network and Filter Design Web-based Tool Using Python, A. Eroglu

GUI for High Power Toroidal Inductor Characterization and Design, Abdullah Eroglu

Investigation of Anti-Aliasing Methods in FDTD Simulation of Electromagnetic Problems, Abdullah Eroglu

Optimized Patch Antenna Design for RFID Systems, A. Eroglu and Nathan Reynolds

The Development of Vision System for a Single-Board RIO Robot, G. Harden, Yanfei Liu, and Carlos Pomalaza-Ráez

Optimal Design of a New Parallel Kinematic Machine for Large Volume Machining, Y. Jin, Zhuming Bi, C. Higgins, M. Price, W. Chen, and T. Huang

Directional Spectrum Sensing Using Tunable Multi-D Space-Time Discrete Filters, A. Madanayake, C. Wijenayake, N. Tran, Todor Cooklev, S. V. Hum, and L. T. Bruton

Introducing Memo Writing and a Design Process with a Four-Week Simulator Project, S. Scott Moor

A Graduate Program In Wireless Technology And Systems Engineering: Overview And Initial Experiences, Donald Mueller, Todor Cooklev, Hossein Oloomi, C. Pomalaza-Ráez, and Steve Walter

Low Profile UHF RFID Antenna Design with EBG Structures, Nathan Reynolds, Abdullah Eroglu, and C. Pomalaza-Ráez


Use of CUDA for the Continuous Space Language Model, Elizabeth A. Thompson and Timothy Anderson

An FPGA-based Spur-Reduced Numerically Controlled Oscillator, Guoping Wang

A Wireless Sensor Network in Port Security, Guoping Wang


Incorporating Systems Engineering into the Senior Design – Autonomous Lawn Mowing Machine, Guoping Wang Dr. and Zhuming M. Bi

Improvement of FDTD Simulation Accuracy Using the Oversampling Method of Rasterization, Bill Westrick and Abdullah Eroglu

Sensor Enabled RFID Systems, Bill Westrick and Abdullah Eroglu

“Examination of Corrosion on Steel Structures by Innovative Nano Sol-Gel Sensors”, Max Yen, Dong Chen, Paul Lin, B. Dave, S. Groff, E. Hauter, R. Lampo, and M. McInerney

Cooperative Education Impact on Enhancing Mechanical Engineering Curriculum, Nashwan Younis

Submissions from 2011

Sustainable Fly Ash Bridge Decks Concrete Overlay, Mohammad A. Alhassan and Suleiman A. Ashur

Integrating Professional Software in Undergraduate Civil Engineering Education, Mohammad A. Alhassan, Suleiman A. Ashur, Dong Chen, and S. Gunawardena

Adaptive Energy-Efficient Spectrum Probing in Cognitive Radio Networks, Chao Chen and Z. Chen

Characterizing Internet Worm Infection Structure,” in Proceedings of 4th USENIX Workshop on Large-Scale Exploits and Emergent Threats, Chao Chen, Z. Chen, and Q. Wang

Design of a Wireless Sensor and Actuator Network for Energy Management at Home, Chao Chen, Carlos Pomalaza-Ráez, E. Chobot, R. Chandler, D. Newby, and Hosni Abu-Mulaweh

Enhance Research and Teaching from Collaborations Between Engineering Students/Faculty and Fort Wayne City Utilities, Dong Chen, I. Ballus, M. Pham, P. Szostak, and S. Tews

Enzymatic Treatment of Alginate to Reduce UF/MF Membrane Fouling for Municipal Wastewater Reuse, Dong Chen and Michael Columbia

High Power MOSFET Package Design, A. Eroglu

Pulsing Characteristics of RF Power Amplifier Topologies, A. Eroglu

Sonnet in directional coupler design, A. Eroglu

Sonnet in RF power amplifier design, A. Eroglu

Use of CAD Tools in components and device design for RF/Microwave Engineering Courses, A. Eroglu

Virtual plasma diagnostic tool, A. Eroglu

Design of Long Range MIMO Wireless Data Acquisition System, A. Eroglu, E. Gose, A. Matthew, and T. Hauter

Kinematic Analysis of a New Over Constraint Parallel Kinematic Machine, Y. Jin, Zhuming M. Bi, R. Gibson, and P. McToal


Applying Dynamics to the Engineering of the Perfect Bounce: Experimental Investigation of Why the NBA Requires a Specific Inflation Pressure for Basketballs used in Professional Games, Josue' Njock Libii

A Cooperative Medical Traffic Delivery Mechanism for Multi-hop Body Area Networks, Carlos Pomalaza-Ráez, K. Ghaboosi, and K. Pahlavan

USRP-Based Software-Defined GPS Receiver, Elizabeth A. Thompson, N. Clem, I. Renninger, and T. Loos


Strain Gage Backing Effects on Measuring Steep Strain Gradient, Nashwan Younis and Bongsu Kang

Submissions from 2010

Design and Development of a High Temperature Geothermal Heat Pump, Hosni Abu-Mulaweh

Design of a Bubble Pump Cooling System Demonstration Unit, Hosni Abu-Mulaweh, Donald W. Mueller Jr., B. Wegmann, K. Speith, and B. Boehne

Electronically Controlled Expansion Valve for Use in a Geothermal Heat Pump System, Hosni Abu-Mulaweh and Hossein Oloomi