A Real-Time WARP-Based Data Capture and Playback Test Bed for DSP Applications

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Proceedings of the 2013 IEEE Digital Signal Processing (DSP) Workshop and Signal Processing Education (SPE) Workshop

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Napa, CA

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Digital Signal Processing and Signal Processing Education Meeting (DSP/SPE), 2013 IEEE

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A common approach to debugging real-time DSP algorithms for FPGAs is to process a known data set in simulation. However, when large data sets are necessary or desired, simulations can take a significant amount of time. The goal of the architecture presented in this paper is to allow these algorithms to be easily debugged utilizing the Wireless Open-Access Research Platform (WARP). The WARP can be a valuable tool as its 2GB DDR2 memory module is capable of storing a large number of data samples for processing by its FPGA. Data can be obtained in real-time from an RF front end for processing, or loaded into the platform via an Ethernet connection. The WARP can also be used as a waveform capture and export tool, providing data for future processing runs or simulation. In this paper, the architecture's capabilities for signal capture and storage are demonstrated through the capture of a GPS signal from a RF front end and subsequent export of the digitized signal to Matlab for post-processing.


GPS, WARP, capture, playback