Investigating the Impact of Offering Statistics on Students Success

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American Society of Engineering Education 2015 Illinois-Indiana Section Conference

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Indiana University Purdue University Fort Wayne, IN


This article describes the author’s experience in developing and teaching an undergraduate course on Statistics for Industrial Engineering Technology (IET) students. Moreover, the impact of offering the course on students’ success in future courses for which Statistics is a pre-requisite, is discussed. The motivation to offer the course is twofold: 1) Statistics is a subject required by various programs and although several sections are being offered, often IET students would not be able to register in the course and consequently, they have to wait for next semester. 2) Since the Mathematics Department caters to students coming from various majors, the topics and particularly, examples and problems would not be necessarily major-oriented. In addition, the course has been offered since spring of 2012 and the degree to which the topics covered have addressed students need and faculty expectation are unknown. In this article, the author first describes the details of how the course was developed, how it would address relevant ABET’s accreditation criteria, and how it has been taught since spring of 2012 in terms contents. Then, the results of inquiry from faculty members in the department, as well as a summary of the course evaluations is presented. Finally, future modification to improve the course contents is mentioned.



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