Transforming the Microprocessor Course: Enhance Learning Objectives with Embedded Processors

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American Society of Engineering Education 2015 Illinois-Indiana Section Conference

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Indiana University Purdue University Fort Wayne, IN


For the past two decades more and more universities have adopted embedded microprocessors in their Electrical and Computer Engineering Curriculum. The reasons are twofold. First nowadays embedded microprocessors become more and more popular and can be found in almost everybody’s daily lives. Second embedded microprocessors allow more flexibility in low level port accessing and interfacing with other external chips. This paper presents the redevelopment of a junior level introductory microprocessor/microcontroller course, ECE 362 – Microprocessor Systems and Interfacing. The course development transforms the current Intel x86 family processors to the ARM Cortex microprocessors. The course development includes both the lecture and the laboratory experiments. This transformation is aiming at enhancing the students’ learning objectives with more hands-on experience on interfacing the microprocessor with various peripherals. The learning objectives are mapped into course outcomes for assessment. Students’ course outcome assessment was conducted in the end of the Fall 2014 semester. The assessment results showed that the outcomes were all achieved



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