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SDPS 2015 (Society for Design and Process Science) Conference

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Fort Worth, TX

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Proceedings of the 20th International Conference on Transformative Science and Engineering, Business and Social Innovation

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This paper describes a cost-effective way to design and implement an electric vehicle that can reach a speed of 10 mph in less than 15 seconds in recreational areas. The electrical vehicle is designed with the integration of a small chassis, a continuous variable transmission, a four-quadrant bidirectional DC-DC converter, a 5000W brushless DC motor, four 12V lead-acid batteries, and an 87W solar panel. The vehicle is designed by considering four subsystems: The DC-DC converter, the charging system, the control system, and the cooling system. The best engineering design solution is then generated for each subsystem that maximizes the effectiveness of the technology involved to make each subsystem fully functional. Critical decoupling capacitors are incorporated into the bidirectional DC-DC converter for better performance, the charging system is interfaced to the system with a 48V booster, the control system is designed so that motor voltage increases linearly with a pedal press, and a cooling system consisting of fins and fans is designed.



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