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2014 IIE Engineering Lean and Six Sigma Conference

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Orlando, Florida

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Proceedings of the 2014 IIE Engineering Lean and Six Sigma Conference


The purpose of this session is to provide a systems engineering perspective about the future of Lean Enterprise Design and Engineering that includes both the design of the value stream(s) and performance measurement (i.e., lean accounting) structure. In the future, it is important that system designers and engineers understand the importance and approaches for gaining collective agreement about customer needs, Enterprise Design Requirements and the implementation of Physical Solutions to sustain the Enterprise. Enterprise Design is described as an iterative learning-loop process to achieve Enterprise Design Requirements through standard work. Examples of the pitfalls of standard costing in both the management and design of systems will be provided, with an emphasis on why the "Lean Accounting Box Score measures" should be aligned with Enterprise Design Requirements and customer needs.


Enterprise Design, Lean, Value Stream, System Design, Lean Accounting, Enterprise Engineering



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