Describing Radio Hardware and Software Using OWL for Over-The-Air Software Download

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SDR Forum Technical Conference

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Washington, D.C.

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Recently several researchers have discovered the need for radios to use description techniques. Previously described techniques describe information such as the current frequency band, waveform, etc. This paper extends previous work on description techniques. These previous description techniques do not describe waveforms at a level sufficient to determine software/hardware compatibility for over-the-air software download. For example, a device should not attempt to download a wideband waveform if its radio front-end is only narrowband, of if its baseband hardware cannot provide the required MIPS for the new waveform. Over-the-air software download is one of the most interesting features of software-defined radios. The compatibility between software and hardware prior to software download previously had to be verified manually. The approach described here removes the need for man-in-the-loop. It appears that OWL is particularly well suited for such descriptions. We use OWL and discuss its suitability. Examples are presented illustrating the developed technique. The developed ontology and the examples have been developed using the Protégé tool.



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