Submissions from 2017

Ultrasonic Welding for Lithium-Ion Batteries, Wayne Cai, Bongsu Kang, and J. S. Hu

Use of the Manufacturing System Design Decomposition for Comparative Analysis and Effective Design of Production Systems, David S. Cochran, J T. Foley, and Zhuming M. Bi

Submissions from 2016

Simulating the Response of CFRP Strengthened Shear-Keys in Composite Concrete Bridges, Ragai Al-Rousan, Mohammad A. Alhassan, and Ayman Abahneh

Long-Term Spectrum Monitoring with Big Data Analysis and Machine Learning for Cloud-Based Radio Access Networks, Pavel Baltiiski, Ilia Iliev, Boian Kehaiov, Vladimir Poulkov, and Todor Cooklev

Integrating Everyday Examples in Mechanical Engineering Courses for Teaching Enhancement, Zhuming M. Bi and Donald W. Mueller Jr.

A Visualization Platform for Internet of Things in Manufacturing Applications, Zhuming M. Bi, Guoping Wang Dr., and Lida Xu

Reduction of orthophosphates loss in agricultural soil by nano calcium sulfate, Dong Chen, P Szostak, Z Wei, and R Xiao

Modelling of Human-Machine Interaction in Equipment Design of Manufacturing Cells, David S. Cochran, Jorge F. Arinez, Micah T. Collins, and Zhuming M. Bi

Extension of Manufacturing System Design Decomposition to Implement Manufacturing Systems That are Sustainable, David S. Cochran, Steve Hendricks, Jason Barnes, and Zhuming Bi

Incorporating design improvement with effective evaluation using the Manufacturing System Design Decomposition, David S. Cochran, M U. Jafri, A K. Chu, and Zhuming M. Bi

Improved low-complexity zero-padded OFDM receivers, Hakan Dogan, Todor Cooklev, and James Darabi

CPTu-based Enhanced UniCone Method for Pile Capacity, Fawad Â. Niazi and Paul W. Mayne

Expert-Guided Evolutionary Algorithm for Layout Design of Complex Space Stations, Z Qian, Zhuming M. Bi, Q Cao, W Ju, H Teng, Y Zheng, and S Zheng

A New Method to Identify Collaborative Partners in Social Service Provider Networks, Y Sun, W Tan, L Li, W Shen, Zhuming M. Bi, and X Hu

Numerical Simulation of Heat Transfrer and Separation Al2O3/Nanoflouid Flow in Concentric Annular Pipe, Hussein Togun, Hosni Abu-Mulaweh, S N. Kazi, and A Badarudin

Forward osmosis membranes for water reclamation, Qian Yang, Jing Lei, Darren D. Sun, and Dong Chen

Rate constants of hydroxyl radical oxidation of polychlorinated biphenyls in the gas phase: a single-descriptor based QSAR and DFT study, Z Yang, S Luo, Z Wei, T Ye, R Spinney, Dong Chen, and R Xiao

Submissions from 2015


Design, Development, and Construction of an Educational Solar Water Heating System with Phase Change, Hosni Abu-Mulaweh and Donald W. Mueller Jr.


Impact of Reducing the Latex Content in LMC Bridge Deck Overlays, Mohammad A. Alhassan, Suleiman Ashur, and Layla Amaireh

The Optimum Overlay Thickness of Prefabricated Full-Depth Precast Concrete Bridge Deck Panel System – 3D Non-Linear Finite Element Modeling, Rajai Al-Rousan, Mohammad A. Alhassan, and Mohsen Issa


Selection of pedestrian crossingtreatments at controlled and uncontrolled locations, Suleiman Ashur and Mohammad A. Alhassan

Reusing Industrial robots to Achieve Sustainability in Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises, Zhuming M. Bi, Yanfei Liu, Blane Baumgartner, Eric Culver, J N. Sorokin, A Peters, B Cox, J Hunnicutt, J Yurek, and S O'Shaughnessey

A New Approach for Image Databases Design, L Bulysheva, J Jones, and Zhuming M. Bi

Cloud-based approach for spectrum monitoring, Todor Cooklev, James Darabi, Charles McIntosh, and Mahdis Mosaheb

The Software Communications Architecture, Todor Cooklev and A Hristozov

Introduction to RF Power Amplifiers Design and Simulation, A. Eroglu

An Integrated Systems Approach to Plateau Ecosystem Management – A Scientific Application in Qinghai and Tibet Plateau, Fang Liu, Zhuming Bi, Eric L. Xu, Qing Ga, Quan-Ya Yang, Yingzhong Yang, Lan Ma, Tana Wuren, and Ri-Li Ge

Design of a Novel Nanofibre FO Membrane, Z Lui, X X. Song, Dong Chen, and D D. Sun


The Case for Developing a Conceptual Framework for Engineering Complex System Designs with Humans in the Loop, W Pincham and David S. Cochran

Flat-Plate Solar Collector in Transient Operation: Modeling and Measurements, Ahmad M. Saleh, Donald W. Mueller Jr., and Hosni Abu-Mulaweh

Maintaining two decades of power amplifier bandwidth, Claude Setzer and David S. Cochran

An Adaptive Genetic Algorithm for Demand- Driven and Resource-Constrained Project Scheduling in Aircraft Assembly, S Shan, Z Hu, Z Liu, J Shi, and Zhuming M. Bi

A non-destructive oil palm ripeness recognition system using relative entropy, Attaphongse Taparugssanagorn, Siwaruk Siwamogsatham, and C. Pomalaza-Ráez

Parallel cuda implementation of conflict detection for application to airspace deconfliction,, Elizabeth A. Thompson, Nathan Clem, David A. Peter, John Bryan, Barry I. Peterson, and Dave Holbrook

Robot communication link using 802.11n or 900 MHz OFDM, Elizabeth A. Thompson, C McIntosh, J Issacs, E Harmison, and R Sneary

Frequency-Spatial Beamformer for MEG Source Localization, Elizabeth A. Thompson; Jing Xiang MD, Ph.D.; and Yingying Wang Ph.D.

Volumetric imaging of brain activity with spatial-frequency decoding of neuromagnetic signals, Jing Xiang, Abraham Korman, Kasun M. Samarasinghe, Xiaopei Wang, Fawen Zhang, Hui Qiao, Bo Sun, Fengbin Wang, Howard H. Fan, and Elizabeth A. Thompson

Submissions from 2014

Integrating Design and Design of Experiment in Mechanical Engineering Courses and Laboratories, Hosni Abu-Mulaweh

Electronically Controlled Expansion Valve for Use in a Geothermal Heat Pump System, Hosni Abu-Mulaweh, Donald W. Mueller Jr., and Hossein Oloomi

Design and Development of a Computer-Controlled Interactive Cooling System, Hosni Abu-Mulaweh and Hossein Oloomi

Software-Defined Radio: A New Paradigm for Integrated Curriculum Delivery, Sven G. Bilen, Alexander M. Wyglinksi, Christopher R. Anderson, Todor Cooklev, Carl Dietrich, Behrouz Farhang-Boroujeny, Julio V. Urbina, Steve H. Edwards, and Jeff H. Reed


Sensing and Responding to the Changes of Geometric Surfaces in Flexible Manufacturing and Assembly, Zhuming Bi and Bongsu Kang

Big data analytics with applications, Zhuming M. Bi and David S. Cochran

An Inverse Dynamic Model of Over-Constrained Parallel Kinematic Machine Based on Newton-Euler Formulation, Zhuming M. Bi and Bongsu Kang

Adaptive Energy-Efficient Spectrum Probing in Cognitive Radio Networks, Chao Chen and Zesheng Chen


Long Range Wireless Data Acquisition Sensor System for Health Care Application, A. Eroglu


Performance Improvement of RFID Systems, A. Eroglu

An Urn Occupancy Approach for Modeling the Energy Consumption of Distributed Beaconing, L. Goratti, E Yaprak, S. Savazzi, and C. Pomalaza-Ráez

Dynamic Stress Analysis of Battery Tabs Under Ultrasonic Welding, Bongsu Kang, Wayne Cai, and Chin-An Tan

Vibrational Energy Loss Analysis in Battery Tab Ultrasonic Welding, Bongsu Kang, Wayne Cai, and Chin-An Tan

A Cross-Layer Optimization Approach for Lower Layers of the Protocol Stack in Sensor Networks, Heikki Karvonen, C. Pomalaza-Ráez, and M. Hämäläinen

Mixed Convection Over a Backward-Facing Step in a Vertical Duct Using Nanofluids-Buoyancy Opposing Case, H A. Mohammed, A A. Al-Aswadi, Hosni Abu-Mulaweh, Ahmed Kadhim Hussein, and P Rajesh Kanna

Applied Cyber-Physical Systems, U Sang Suh, U John Tanik, John N. Carbone, and A. Eroglu

MISO UCA Beamforming Dimmable LED System for Indoor Positioning, A. Taparugssanagorn, S. Siwamogsatham, and C. Pomalaza-Ráez

A CUDA Implementation of the Continuous Space Language Model, Elizabeth A. Thompson and Timothy R. Anderson Ph.D..

Wire failure prediction for a rotary beam fatigue tester, Elizabeth A. Thompson, Rahul Basu, and Timothy Loos

Generalised prefix for space–time block-coded orthogonal frequency division multiplexing wireless systems over correlated multiple-input multiple-output channels, Hakan Yıldız, Yusuf Acar, Todor Cooklev, and Hakan Dogan

Submissions from 2013

A Deployable Decentralized Biofilm System for Degrading Organic Carbon and Benzene in Wastewater, Dong Chen, C. J. LIn, R. G. Jones, S Patel, R Smith, K Simons, J. L. Davis, and S. A. Waisner

Factor Analysis of H2S Emission at a Wastewater Lift Station: a Case Study, Dong Chen and Paul Szostak


Design and Implementation of a Wireless Sensor and Actuator Network for Energy Measurement and Control at Home, Edwin Chobot, Daniel Newby, Renee Chandler, Nusaybah Abu-Mulaweh, Chao Chen, and C. Pomalaza-Ráez

An Open RF-Digital interface for software-defined radios, Todor Cooklev and Akinori Nishihara

Wireless Cloud Architecture Based on Thin Clients and Ontologies, Todor Cooklev, Lubomir Stanchev, and Chao Chen

RF Circuit Design Techniques for MF-UHF Applications, Abdullah Eroglu


Wave Propagation and Fresnel Coefficients for Three Layered Uniaxially Anisotropic Media with Arbitrarily Oriented Optic Axis, Abdullah Eroglu, Y. H. Lee, and J. K. Lee

Dynamic Response of Battery Tabs Under Ultrasonic Welding, Bongsu Kang, Wayne Cai, and Chin-An Tan

Design of a Novel Nanofiber FO membrane, A. Y. Liu, X. X. Song, Dong Chen, and D. D. Sun


Application of Active Self-Landmarking to Camera Calibration, Yanfei Liu and Carlos Pomalaza-Ráez


A Method of Evaluating the Presence of Fan-Blade-Rotation Induced Unsteadiness in Wind Tunnel Experiments, Josue' Njock Libii

Submissions from 2012

Design and Development of Solar Water Heating System Experimental Apparatus, Hosni Abu-Mulaweh


Engineering Design Experience of an Undergraduate Thermodynamics Course, Hosni Abu-Mulaweh and A. A. Al-Arfaj

Superiority & Constructability of Fibrous Additives for Bridge Deck Concrete Overlays, Mohammad Alhassan and Suleiman Ashur

Energy Modeling of Machine Tool for Optimization of Machine Setup, Zhuming Bi and L. Wang

Manufacturing Paradigm Shift Towards Better Sustainability, Zhuming Bi and L. Wang

Optimization of Machining Processes from the Perspective of Energy Consumption - A Case Study, Zhuming Bi and L. Wang

Effects of Property Changes of Natural Organic Matter Via Photooxidation on RO Membrane Fouling Reduction, Dong Chen, D. D. Sun, and J. H. Tay

548.11R-12 Guide for the Application of Epoxy and Latex Adhesives for Bonding Freshly Mixed and Hardened Concretes, ACI Committee 548; Bradley Nemunaitis, Chair; Mahmoud M. Reda Taha, Secretary; Ashraf I. Ahmed; and Mohammad A. Alhassan

An Improved Prefix for OFDM-Based Cognitive Radios, Todor Cooklev

The VITA 49 RF-digital interface, Todor Cooklev


Hands-On Open Access Broadband Wireless Technology Lab, Todor Cooklev and Y. Alqudah

The VITA 49 Analog-RF Digital Interface, Todor Cooklev, R. Normoyle, and D. Clendenen

Complete Modeling of Toroidal Inductors for High Power RF Applications, Abdullah Eroglu

Design of Wireless Data Acquisition Sensor System for Health Care Applications, Abdullah Eroglu

General Purpose Wireless Communication System Using Data Acquisition, Abdullah Eroglu and Bill Westrick

Ultrasonic Control of UF Membrane Fouling by Natural Waters: Effects of Calcium, pH, and Fractionated Natural Organic Matter, Y. Gao, Dong Chen, L. K. Weavers, and H. W. Walker

Dynamic Instability of a Spinning Thick Disk Under Nonconservative Traction, Bongsu Kang

On the Validity of Planar, Thick Curved Beam Models Derived with Respect to Centroidal and Neutral Axes, Bongsu Kang and C. H. Riedel

Coupling of Flexural, Tangential, and Shear Wave Modes of a Planar Curved Beam, Bongsu Kang and H. Riedel

Thermal and Hydrodynamics Performance Analysis of Circular Microchannel Heat Exchanger Utilizing Nanofluids, H. A. Mohammed, G. Bhaskaran, N. H. Shuaib, and Hosni Abu-Mulaweh


The Influence of the Lengths of Turbine Blades on the Power Produced by Miniature Wind Turbines that Operate in Non-uniform Flow Fields, Josue Njock Libii and David Drahozal


Use of a Miniature Wind Turbine with Rectangular Blades to Demonstrate and Confirm the Existence of Optimal Angles of Inclination of Turbine Blades at Which Peak Power is Produced, Josue Njock Libii and David M. Drahozal

Design and Development of Experimental Setup of Hybrid PV/Thermal Collector, S. D. Odeh and Hosni Abu-Mulaweh

The UWB Channel in Medical Wireless Body Area Networks (WBANs), Carlos Pomalaza-Ráez and A. Taparugssanagorn


Software-Defined GPS Receiver on USRP-Platform, Elizabeth A. Thompson, Nathan Clem, Isaac Renninger, and Timothy Loos

An Application of Enterprise Systems in Quality Management of Product, L. Wang, H-B Shi, S. Yu, H. Li, L. Liu, Zhuming Bi, and L. Fu


On the Characteristics of the Worm Infection Family Tree, Qian Wang, Zesheng Chen, and Chao Chen

Analysis and Design of Arch-Type Pedestrian Bridge for Static and Dynamic Loads, James Welch, Mohammad Alhassan, and Lubna Amaireh

AutoAssem: An Automated Assembly Planning System for Complex Products, L. D. Xu, C. Wang, Zhuming M. Bi, and J. Yu

Experimental Strain Investigation of Bolt Torque Effect in Mechanically Fastened Joints, Nashwan Younis

Submissions from 2011

Investigating the Accelerated Deterioration of Flexible Pavement Using Two-Stage Design Analysis Approach, K. Abaza and Suleiman A. Ashur

Integration of the Design-Build-Test Concept into Undergraduate Engineering Education, Hosni Abu-Mulaweh, Donald W. Mueller Jr., and Andrew McCormick