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ASEE 2010 Annual Conference



Peer Reviewed



Through multimedia delivery of new materials, web-based warm-up exercises and interactiveclassroom teaching/learning, this paper presents a new teaching approach - PETL (Preview,Exercise, Teaching and Learning) in teaching and learning digital electronics. Different from thetraditional recitation-based lecture formats, the proposed pedagogy is a teaching and learningstrategy based on the active participation of learners at each stage of the learning process, namely,preview of new topics, web-based warm-up assignments, and interactive classroom teaching andlearning. Students briefly preview the new materials delivered through web-based multimedia, andthen respond electronically to carefully constructed warm-up exercises which are due before class.The instructor reviews students' responses and adjusts the classroom lesson based on students'concerns and questions. The preview materials, with the instructor's explanations added, areproduced using Flash multimedia authoring tool. This provides an on-line learning tool to preparethe students for the warm-up exercises. Anonymous surveys, questionnaires before, in the middleand after the implementation of the project are conducted to assess the effectiveness and outcomes ofthis project. Samples of the warm-up questions, the implementation and assessment plan of thePETL are described in the paper. In the end, a summary concludes that the proposed method showseffective in the teaching and learning of digital electronics course at IPFW.


Active Learning, Multimedia Delivery, WebCT, JiTT.


Computer Engineering | Engineering