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Fall 2010

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Software-Defined Radio Forum Technical Conference


SDR Forum, Inc.

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Washington, DC

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Recently, several researchers have discovered the need for radios to use description techniques. Previous research describes information such as the current frequency band, waveform, and so on. However, this information is presented at a level that is not sufficient to determine software/hardware compatibility for over-the-air software download. For example, a device should not attempt to download a wideband waveform if its radio front-end is only narrowband, or if its baseband hardware cannot provide the required MIPS for the new waveform. Over-the-air software download is one of the most interesting features of software-defined radios. The compatibility between software and hardware prior to software download previously had to be verified manually. The approach that is described here removes the need for man-in-the-loop. It uses OWL-DL to describe the components of a software defined radio and the software to be downloaded. As a result, the problem of compatibility is reduced to that of checking a subsumption constraint in an OWL-DL ontology. We show the variability of our approach through examples.


over-the-air software download, ontology, cognitive radio


Computer and Systems Architecture | Engineering | Software Engineering | Systems and Communications