Submissions from 2017

Learning from our Elders: Qualitative Studies of Literacy in Later Life., L M. Bowen, Suzanne K. Rumsey, A W. Smith, and Y R. Teems

Syncategorematica in Husserl and Aristotle, Charlene Elsby

The Collapse of Truth and Being, Charlene Elsby

Contemporary Weird Fiction and the Allegorical Intuition, Rachel E. Hile

China in British Literature, Lidan Lin

The Role of East-West Studies in China's One Belt, One Road Strategic Initiative (keynote), Lidan Lin

Roman Ingarden’s Ontologies of Works of Art, Rob Luzecky

Submissions from 2016

Advertising in Once a Week: The Implied Audience of the Weekly Family Magazine, Troy J. Bassett

Advertising in The Argosy: The Implied Audience of the Monthly Family Magazine, Troy J. Bassett

Evidence of Reading: The Social Networks of Provincial Book Clubs, Troy J. Bassett

“So You Want to Do a Digital Project?” Roundtable, Troy J. Bassett

‘Black and White Unite’: Dr. Margaret Burroughs’ Legacy of Art and Social Justice, Mary Ann Cain

"Black and White Unite": Dr. Margaret Burroughs' Legacy of Art and Social Justice, Mary Ann Cain

Hebrew and the English Psalter, Damian Fleming

I found more Hebrew!, Damian Fleming

Looking for Hebrew in All the Wrong Places, Damian Fleming

Reading Hebrew in Anglo-Saxon England, Damian Fleming

The Reader’s Enactivist Travels in the Spenserian Storyworld: Virtual and Allegorical Bodies, Rachel E. Hile

Going the Second Mile: Nonresistant Ethics of Care, Suzanne K. Rumsey

Rapport management in advising, Hao Sun

There are Things You Just Can’t Learn from Textbooks, Hao Sun

Submissions from 2015

Marketing in the Monthlies: Victorian Advertising in The Argosy in the 1870s, Troy J. Bassett

A Legacy of Art and Activism: The Kitchen-Table Politics of Dr. Margaret Burroughs, Mary Ann Cain

Alphabets as Story-Tellers in Mandeville's Travels and the Long History of the Book, Damian Fleming

Chrismon Can Be Set Down as a Sign Wherever the Writer Likes, Damian Fleming

Hebrew Alphabets as Christian Knowledge in Anglo-Saxon Manuscripts, Damian Fleming

‘I spent the whole morning in Hell’: Pedagogy and Dictionary of Old English, Damian Fleming

‘The Fabricke of Speeche’: A Text on Sounding the Alphabet, Damian Fleming

The Reception of Hebrew in Anglo-Saxon England (600-1100), Damian Fleming

Interpreting Spenserian Allegory: A Cognitive Approach, Rachel E. Hile

Submissions from 2014

The Place of Serialization: An Analysis of Victorian Serialization Practice, Troy J. Bassett

Picking up the Conversation 80 Years on: Coeur d'Alene Heritage Materials, Accessibility, Revitalization, and History, Shannon Bischoff

Research: Past, Present, and Future, Shannon Bischoff

English in the Developing World, Immigration, and Dutch Education: Possible Lessons from Puerto Rico, Shannon Bischoff and Maria del Carmen Parafita Couto

Coeur d'Alene Bibliography with Commentary, Shannon Bischoff, Amy Fountain, John Ivens, and Audra Vincent

Making It Up and Passing It on: The Legacy of Dr. Margaret Burroughs, Mary Ann Cain

Finding Your Voice through the Voices of Others: Learning Critical Thinking and Analytical Skills through the Poetics of Contemporary Poets, Curtis L. Crisler

Willow Books and the Future of African American Poetry, Curtis L. Crisler

Anglo-Saxon Studies in the Profession, Damian Fleming

Ut quidam perverse opinantur: Bede’s Criticism of Unnamed Sources, Damian Fleming

Hunting Love and Catching Cupid in Spenser’s ‘March’ and Nashe’s Choise of Valentines, Rachel E. Hile

Martin Weinrich’s De ortu monstrorum commentarius (1595) and Its Reception in England, Rachel E. Hile

Getting Students to do the Reading and do it Well, Debrah Huffman

“It’s a dangerous world out there for a toy”: Virtual Urban Landscapes and Crises of Identity in the Toy Story Movies, Lewis Roberts

“Why, you don’t know who you are, do you?” Identity as Collection and Recollection in the Toy Story Movies, Lewis Roberts

Connections and Collaborations Across Generations: Perspectives on Aging and Feminism, Suzanne K. Rumsey

Researching With, Within, and For Cultures: Methodological Strategies & Tactics, Suzanne K. Rumsey


Rhetorical Theories of Appalachian Literacy, Sara Webb-Sunderhaus

Submissions from 2013

Anchored Just off the Islets of Langerhans: Alternative Certificate Programs for Industry, Stevens R. Amidon Dr.

Making Sense of "Our Place:" The Absence and presence of Gender in "Our" Professional Journals, Stevens R. Amidon Dr.

Technology Review. Revisiting the State of Indigenous Languages, Shannon Bischoff

Creating Grass Roots Digital Coeur d'Alene Resources: The COLRC, Shannon Bischoff, Ivy Doak, Amy Fountain, John Ivens, and Audra Vincent

The Coeur d'Alene Online Language Resource Center (COLRC): Educational Tool, Shannon Bischoff, Ivy Doak, Amy Fountain, John Ivens, and Audra Vincent

The TAPS Checklist as a Tool for Grassroots Development of Digital Language Resources, Shannon Bischoff, Ivy Doak, Amy Fountain, John Ivens, and Audra Vincent

The Coeur d'Alene Online Language Resource Center: Accessing Documentation for Pedagogy, Shannon Bischoff and Amy Fountain

Making It Up and Passing It on: The Early Education of Dr. Margaret Burroughs, Artivist, Mary Ann Cain

Workshop on YA Literature & Manuscript sessions, Curtis L. Crisler

Aleph, doctrina: Hebrew Letters in the Psalter, Damian Fleming

Insular Hebraism: Bede and Hiberno-Latin Exegesis, Damian Fleming

He . . . beat his blubbred face": Reading Spenser’s Daphnaida as a Satire, Rachel E. Hile

Upping the Ante: The Common Core and a Role for Composition in Preparing Secondary Educators to Teach Analytical Reading of Nonfiction, Debrah Huffman

"From Anonymity to Fame: The Canonization and Dissemination of Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot in China and Beyond", Lidan Lin Ms

Chickens, Quilts, and Buttermilk: Compiling and Composing Family Histories, Suzanne K. Rumsey


Mundane Writing and Vital Aging, Suzanne K. Rumsey

Making Sense of “Our Place” in the Technical and Business Writing Classroom: Intersections of Gender and Professional Writing Pedagogy, Suzanne K. Rumsey, Stevens R. Amidon Dr., and Kate K. White

Get your feet wet: learning to teach in the real world, Hao Sun

The Coeur d’Alene Online Language Resource Center: A Grassroots Digital Resources, Audra Vincent, Shannon Bischoff, Ivy Doak, Amy Fountain, and John Ivens

The Coeur d’Alene Online Language Resource Center: A Grassroots Digital Resources, Audra Vincent, Shannon Bischoff, Ivy Doak, Amy Fountain, and John Ivens

‘A Narrative Can Be Explained in More Ways than One’: Digital Media and the Transition from Basic to First-Year Writing, Sara Webb-Sunderhaus

Appalachians Re-Shaping the Academy, Sara Webb-Sunderhaus

Re-Reading Appalachia: Literacies of Resistance, Sara Webb-Sunderhaus


The Di#erence between Past and Present: Exploring Generational Links and Rhetorical Practices in Women’s Volunteer Organizations, 1880 to 2013, Kate K. White

Submissions from 2012

The Battle of the Book Formats: The Decline and End of the Victorian Three-Volume Novel, Troy J. Bassett

Truly a Newspaper Novel: The Use of Sir Travers Twiss Libel Case (1872) in Joseph Hatton’s Clytie (1873–74), Troy J. Bassett

Coeur d’Alene: Lessons in Linguistics, Shannon Bischoff

English: the Language of the USA and Americanization No Longer? The Return to a Multilingual America, Shannon Bischoff

Española, English, and Education in the olony, Shannon Bischoff

Agency and Public Space: Creative Writing as Rhetorical Action, Mary Ann Cain

Writing for Young Adults, Curtis L. Crisler

The Coeur d’Alene Online Language Resource Center: A Grassroots Digital Resources, Ivy Doak, Shannon Bischoff, Amy Fountain, John Ivens, and Audra Vincent

Hebraeam scire linguam: Bede’s Rhetoric of the Hebrew Truth, Damian Fleming

Satirizing the Quean: Venus as Elizabeth in Spenser’s Muiopotmos and Dymoke’s Caltha Poetarum, Rachel E. Hile

Teaching Reading in the Introductory Composition Classroom, Debrah Huffman


Something Worse: Frank Capra's Populist Noir and Springsteen's "The River", Michael E. Kaufmann and Michele R. DeVinney

A Three-Phase Multimode Pedagogical Task and Learner Perception, Hao Sun

Key Elements of an Interactive Class, Hao Sun

Making it Work: Engagement and Beyond, Hao Sun

Opening Routines a Decade Apart: the Case of Telephone Service Encounters, Hao Sun

Keeping Track of Characters in Myaamia Stories: Word Order and Obviation, Chad L. Thompson Ph.D.

Noun Incorporation in Koyukon, Chad L. Thompson Ph.D.

On the Evolution of the Syllable, Chad L. Thompson Ph.D.

Mapping Appalachia: Current Research in Literacy Studies, Sara Webb-Sunderhaus

Scholarly Resistance: Appalachians Re-Reading the Academy, Sara Webb-Sunderhaus

Submissions from 2011

Editing hamlet, Hardin Aasand

The Singularity in The Winter's Tale, Hardin Aasand

Risk Communication and Management in High Reliability Organizations: the Rickover Legacy, Stevens R. Amidon Dr.

An Author Born Every Minute: Annie S. Swan and the Charing Cross Publishing Company, Troy J. Bassett

At the Circulating Library: A Database of Victorian Fiction, 1837–1901, Troy J. Bassett

Archiving Indigenous Language and Culture with a Focus on Individual Community Needs, Shannon Bischoff

Person Marking in Coeur d’Alene, Shannon Bischoff