Mid America Print Council’s National Conference, Themed Portfolio "Reverse Watching"

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Exhibit Date

Fall 11-1-2012

Exhibit Location

Cape Girardeau, Missouri


The theme of this portfolio, Reverse Watching, is Inverse Surveillance and Targeted Sousveillance (Terms coined by Steve Mann, Professor, University of Toronto). Inverse surveillance systems are ones that monitor, study, investigate, or record surveillance systems or those doing the surveillance. This has included, mapping CCTV locations, monitoring police activities (e.g. filming), reacting to privacy issues, or control of information online (e.g. site tracking). It may also be countering the secret nature of surveillance and making information more accessible. Targeted Sousveillance refers to the watching by one individual of other individuals or groups, specifically rather than randomly. These individuals or groups might themselves be a promoter of surveillance, thus the watched, watching the watchers. Participants in the portfolio were asked to consider the increasing role of surveillance in our society and specifically how Inverse Surveillance and Targeted Sousveillance can, or should be, used to counter or draw attention to its effects. Could the acceptance of surveillance lead us to a society with less freedom? Should we change our behavior now to take us in a different direction? How should we navigate its effects?

Participants: Edward Bateman, Justin Diggle, Jeffrey Dell, Stefanie Dykes, William Fisher, Christopher Ganz, Ruthann Godellei, Stephanie Hunder, Brian Johnson, Ron McBurnie, Johanna Paas, Mary Robinson, Jim Sconyers, Chadwick Tolley


Art Practice

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