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ESAAPG Eastern Section 44th Annual Meeting

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Indianapolis, IN

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This trip will cover the high-resolution sequence stratigraphy, depositional environment, process sedimentology, and paleontology of four spectacularly fossil-rich exposures of the Cincinnati Upper Ordovician (internationally the Katian Stage; in North America the Cincinnatian Series) in southeastern Indiana. Stops include Madison (Richmondian through Silurian), Lawrenceburg (Edenian and Maysvillian), Southgate Hill (Deeper water Richmondian), and Brookville Dam (Maysvillian) . The Cincinnatian is characterized by alternating beds of shell-rich limestones (shell beds) and fossil poor, mudstones. Limestone-rich and mud-rich intervals define meter scale and 10-meter-scale cycles. The sedimentological processes that generated these beds and cycles are the subject of recent research. We will discuss the role of high energy events and fluctuating sediment supply in generating these strata, and discuss the possibility of correlating meter-scale cycles across facies transitions over tens of kilometers of distance using physical, paleontological, and geochemical techniques. We will also discuss how sedimentological processes lead to the destruction of organic matter in a succession of obviously fossil-rich strata. There will be ample opportunity to collect a spectacularly fossil-rich slab, and perhaps even a perfect trilobite! The trip will depart from the Crowne Plaza Indianapolis at 8:00 AM and return at 6:30 PM. Antendees are urged to be flexible in scheduling Saturday evening activities.


Earth Sciences | Paleontology | Sedimentology | Stratigraphy