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Pan African Approaches to Teaching Geoscience Workshop

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Morehouse College, Atlanta, GA,

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The course is designed to give students a basic understanding of the physical environment, which we will view as a complex system of interacting components. Emphasis will be given to the dynamics of the individual components, the way these interact, and the global patterns that result when the components are integrated. Students would be required to 'travel' around the world making observations of the climates, time zones, and vegetation type and other environmental features. Students will also be required to make observations (using a scientific method) for two weeks of an aspect of the environment and write a report. Students should compare the effects of "CLASS STANDING/STATUS" i.e. social economic standing/status, on water quality & quantity from any two different locations (one location from the African Continent and the other from North America Continent (outside of Indiana)). Students who successfully complete this course will relate their activities to the environment and the environment to their activities.

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Access to Water, socioeconomic, environment


Curriculum and Social Inquiry | Earth Sciences | Environmental Engineering