Submissions from 2016


Giants Among Micromorphs: Were Cincinnatian (Ordovician, Katian) Small Shelly Phosphatic Faunas Dwarfed?, Benjamin F. Dattilo, Rebecca L. Freeman, Winfried S. Peters, William P. Heimbrock, Bradley Deline, Anthony J. Martin, Jack W. Kallmeyer, Jessie Reeder, and Anne S. Argast


Inverted Trilobites: Key to Complex Preservation of an Organically Textured Surface in Offshore Siliciclastic Mudstone and Carbonate Facies: Kope Formation (Upper Ordovician), Kenton County, Kentucky, USA, David L. Meyer, Carlton E. Brett, Benjamin F. Dattilo, and Ron Fine

Waste Management Practices in Nigeria: Impacts and Mitigation, David O. Omole, Solomon A. Isiorho, and Julius M. Ndambuki

Boundary Schwarz Lemma for pluriharmonic mappings between unit balls, Yifei Pan

Submissions from 2015


Preliminary Report on the Oldenburg Butter Shale in the Upper Ordovician (Katian; Richmondian) Waynesville Formation, USA, Christopher D. Aucoin, Benjamin F. Dattilo, Carlton E. Brett, and Dan Cooper

Preliminary Report on the Oldenburg "Butter Shale" in the Upper Ordovician (Katian; Richmondian) Waynesville Formation, USA, Christopher D. Aucoin, Benjamin F. Dattilo, Carlton E. Brett, and Dan L. Cooper


Calibrating Water Depths of Ordovician Communities: Lithological and Ecological Controls on Depositional Gradients in Upper Ordovician Strata of Southern Ohio and North-Central Kentucky, USA, Carlton Brett, Thomas J. Malgieri, James R. Thomka, Christopher D. Aucoin, Benjamin F. Dattilo, and Cameron A. Schwalback


Stop 2: Dinosaur Footprints from the Glen Rose Formation (Paluxy River, Dinosaur Valley State Park, Somervell County, Texas), James O. Farlow, Karl T. Bates, Rena Bonem, Benjamin F. Dattilo, Peter Falkingham, Raymond F. Gildner, Jerry Jacene, Glenn J. Kuban, Anthony J. Martin, Mike O'brien, and James Whitcraft


The Ups and Downs of Diplocraterion in the Glen Rose Formation (Lower Cretaceous), Dinosaur Valley State Park, Texas (USA), Anthony J. Martin, Michael Blair, Benjamin F. Dattilo, Sadye C. Howald, and James O. Farlow


Polyfocal Photography of Conodonts and Other Microfossils Using Petrographic Microscopes, James F. Miller, Benjamin F. Dattilo, Raymond L. Ethington, and Rebecca L. Freeman

Maiasaura, a model organism for extinct vertebrate population biology: a large sample statistical assessment of growth dynamics and survivorship Full Access, Holly N. Woodward, Elizabeth A. Freedman Fowler, John R. Horner, and James O. Farlow

Submissions from 2014


Stratigraphy of the Paluxy River Tracksites in and around Dinosaur Valley State Park, Lower Cretaceous Glen Rose Formation, Somervell County, Texas., Benjamin F. Dattilo, Sadye C. Howald, Rena Bonem, James O. Farlow, Anthony J. Martin, Mike O'brien, Michael Blair, Glen Kuban, Lydia Mark, April R. Knox, William Ward, and Tara Joyce


Historical Photogrammetry: Bird's Paluxy River Dinosaur Chase Sequence Digitally Reconstructed As It Was Prior to Excavation 70 Years Ago, Peter L. Falkingham, Karl T. Bates, and James O. Farlow


Pedal Proportions of Poposaurus gracilis: Convergence and Divergence in the Feet of Archosaurs, James O. Farlow, Emma R. Schachner, John Cody Sarrazin, Hendrik Klein, and Philip J. Currie


A ‘Terror of Tyrannosaurs’: The First Trackways of Tyrannosaurids and Evidence of Gregariousness and Pathology in Tyrannosauridae, Richard T. McCrea, Lisa G. Buckley, James O. Farlow, Martin G. Lockley, Philip J. Currie, Neffra A. Matthews, and S. George Pemberton


Evaluation of a constructed wetland for removal of some physicochemical and microbiological contaminants from wastewater in a residential tertiary institution in Nigeria., Felix A. Oginni and S Isiorho


Quantification of intraskeletal histovariability in Alligator mississippiensis and implications for vertebrate osteohistology, Holly N. Woodward, John R. Horner, and James O. Farlow

Submissions from 2013


Fossils and Stratigraphy of the Upper Ordovician Standard in South Eastern Indiana, Benjamin F. Dattilo, Christopher D. Aucoin, Carlton E. Brett, and Thomas J. Schramm

Feet of the fierce (and not so fierce): pedal proportions in large theropods, other non-avian dinosaurs, and large ground birds, James O. Farlow, T R. Holtz Jr, T H. Worthy, and R E. Chapman

The Curse of Rafinesquina: Negative Taphonomic Feedback Exerted by Strophomenid Shells on Storm-Buried Lingulids in the Cincinnatian (Katian, Ordovician) Series of Ohio, Rebecca L. Freeman, Benjamin F. Dattilo, Aaron Morse, Michael Blair, Steve Felton, and John Pojeta Jr


Free water surface constructed wetland for wastewater treatment in Canaanland community, Ota, Nigeria, F. A. Oginni and Solomon Isiorho


The Orientation of Strophomenid Brachiopods on Soft Substrates, Roy E. Plotnick, Benjamin F. Dattilo, Daniel Piquard, Jennifer E. Bauer, and Joshua Corrie

Submissions from 2012


Middle Paleozoic Sequence Stratigraphy and Paleontology of the Cincinnati Arch: Part 2 Northern Kentucky and SE Indiana, Carlton E. Brett, Benjamin F. Dattilo, Patrick I. McLaughlin, Thomas J. Schramm, James R. Thomka, and Bradley D. Cramer

The Complete Dinosaur, M K. Brett-Surman, T R. Holtz Jr, and James O. Farlow

A fossil shrew (Mammalia, Soricidae) from the Pipe Creek Sinkhole (Late Neogene: Hemphillian), Indiana, N J. Czaplewski, James O. Farlow, and Anne S. Argast


Tempestites in a Teapot? Condensation-Generated Shell Beds in the Upper Ordovician, Cincinnati Arch, USA., Benjamin F. Dattilo, Carlton E. Brett, and Thomas J. Schramm

Chapter 33—Sauk III-IV interval in the American Quasar Horse Heaven-State 16-21A Well, Confusion Range, west-central Utah, Kevin R. Evans, James F. Miller, and Benjamin F. Dattilo

Book Review: C. Dal Sasso and S. Maganuco, Scipinoyx samniticus (Theropoda: Compsognathidae) from the Lower Cretaceous of Italy: Osteology, Ontogenetic Assessment, Phylogeny, Soft Tissue Anatomy, Taphonomy, and Palaeobiology, James O. Farlow

The Scientific Study of Dinosaur Footprints, James O. Farlow, R E. Chapman, B Breithaupt, and N Matthews


Dinosaur Tracksites of the Paluxy River Valley (Glen Rose Formation, Lower Cretaceous), Dinosaur Valley State Park, Somervell County, Texas., James O. Farlow, Mike O'brien, Glenn J. Kuban, Benjamin F. Dattilo, K. T. Bates, Peter L. Falkingham, L. Pinuela, Amanda Rose, A. Freels, C. Kumagai, Courtney Libben, Justin Smith, and J. Whitcraft

Exceptional preservation proceses of 3D dinosaur footprint casts in Costalomo (Lower Cretaceous, Cameros Basin, Spain), P Huerta, F Torcida Fernandez-Baldor, James O. Farlow, and D Montero

Undergrduates Conference Attendance, a Win-Win Situation for Students and Their Home Institution, Solomon Isiorho

Dinosaurs and geologic time, J I. Kirkland and James O. Farlow

The Great American Carbonate Bank in the Miogeocline of Western Central Utah: Tectonic Influences on Sedimentation., James F. Miller, Kevin R. Evans, and Benjamin F. Dattilo

Early Ordovician Mitrates and a Possible Solute (Echinodermata) from the Western United States, Colin D. Sumrall, James Sprinkle, Thomas E. Guensburg, and Benjamin F. Dattilo


What Can We Learn from Confusing Olivella columellaris and O. semistriata (Olivellidae, Gastropoda), Two Key Species in Panamic Sandy Beach Ecosystems?, Allison I. Troost, Samantha D. Rupert, Ariel Z. Cyrus, Frank V. Paladino, Benjamin F. Dattilo, and Winfried S. Peters

Submissions from 2011

Remarkable Preservation of a New Genus and Species of Limuline Horseshoe Crab from the Cretaceous of Texas, U.S.A., Rodney M. Feldman, Carrie E. Schweitzer, Benjamin F. Dattilo, and James O. Farlow

Flood Plains, Solomon Isiorho

The Chair as a leader based on: "Managing People: A Guide for Department Chairs and Deans.", Solomon Isiorho

Waste Management and Water Quality Issues in Coastal States of Nigeria: The Ogun State Experience, Solomon Isiorho

When a Professor becomes a student again!", Solomon Isiorho

Osteohistological evidence for determinate growth in the American alligator, H N. Woodward, J R. Horner, and James O. Farlow

Submissions from 2010

Giants on the landscape: modelling the abundance of megaherbivorous dinosaurs of the Morrison Formation (Late Jurassic, western USA), James O. Farlow, I D. Coroian, and J R. Foster

Footprints and Trackways of the American Alligator, Rockefeller Wildlife Refuge, Louisiana, James O. Farlow and R M. Elsey

Internal vascularity of the plates of Stegosaurus (Ornithischia, Thyreophora), James O. Farlow, S Hayashi, and G J. Tattersall

Upward Bound Program and Inquiry-based Activities in Wetland Settings., Solomon Isiorho

Submissions from 2009

Digital Imaging and Public Engagement in Paleontology, Karl Bates, P. L. Falkingham, D. Hodgetts, James O. Farlow, B. H. Breithaupt, M. O'Brien, N. Matthews, W. I. Sellers, and P. L. Manning

Escape Traces Associated with Rafinesquina alternata, an Upper Ordovician Strophomenid Brachiopod from the Cincinnati Region, Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky, Benjamin F. Dattilo, D. L. Meyer, K. Dewing, and M. R. Gaynor

A Sea without Fish: Life in the Ordovician Sea of the Cincinnati Region, James O. Farlow

Islands in the Cosmos: the Evolution of Life on Land, James O. Farlow

Life of the Past, James O. Farlow

Groundwater, Solomon Isiorho

Sahel Drought, Solomon Isiorho

Wetlands, Solomon Isiorho

Primary Structure Influence on Compositional Banding in Psammites: Examples from the Puncoviscana Formation, North-central Argentina, A. Pinan-Llamas and C. Simpson

Late Neogene Paleoclimate and Paleoenvironment Reconstructions from the Pipe Creek Sinkhole, Indiana, USA, A. J. Shunk, S. G. Driese, J. O. Farlow, M. S. Zavada, and M. K. Zobaa

Submissions from 2008

Using Linear and Geometric Morphometrics to Detect Intraspecific Variability and Sexual Dimorphism in Femoral Shape in Alligator mississippiensis and its Implications for Sexing Fossil Archosaurs, M. F. Bonnan, James O. Farlow, and Simon L. Masters

Hypolagus (Mammalia, Lagomorpha, Leporidae) from the Pipe Creek Sinkhole, Late Neogene, Grant County, Indiana, USA, M. R. Dawson, James O. Farlow, and A. Argast

Submissions from 2007

A Speculative Look at the Paleoecology of Large Dinosaurs of the Morrison Formation, or, Life with Camarasaurus and Allosaurus, James O. Farlow

Texas Giants: Dinosaurs of the Heritage Museum of the Texas Hill Country, James O. Farlow and W. Langston, Jr.

Submissions from 2006

Visualization of Academic Efficiency and Productivity, Carl N. Drummond

Interannual Variability in Millennial Climate Proxy Data, Carl N. Drummond and Bruce H. Wilkinson

Submissions from 2005

Dinosaur Sciences--from Field to Classroom: What We Can and Cannot Know about Dinosaurs, M. K. Brett-Surman, James O. Farlow, J. Beuthin, and E. Kvale

Geology Department, The Administration, and the Roots of Failure and Success, Carl N. Drummond

State of the Journal 2005, Carl N. Drummond

The Geosciences as an Employment Opportunity, Carl N. Drummond

Review of the book The Physiological Ecology of Vertebrates: A View from Energetics by Brian Keith McNab, James O. Farlow

Review of The Physiological Ecology of Vertebrates by Brian K. McNab, James O. Farlow

Petrophysical Properties and Sealing Capacity of Fault Rock, Aztec Sandstone, Nevada, Eric A. Flodin, Atilla Aydin, Martha Gerdes, and William D. Wiggins

Submissions from 2004

Web Resource for the Study of Alkali Feldspars and Perthitic Textures Using Light Microscopy, Scanning Electron Microscopy and Energy Dispersive X-ray Spectroscopy, Anne S. Argast and Clarence F. Tennis III

Femoral Dimensions and Mid-thigh Circumference in Alligator Mississippiensis, James O. Farlow and Ruth M. Elsey

Evolution of a Strike-slip Fault Network, Valley of Fire State Park, Southern Nevada, Eric A. Flodin and Atilla Aydin

Faults with Asymmetric Damage Zones in Sandstone, Valley of Fire State Park, Southern Nevada, Eric A. Flodin and Atilla Aydin

Upscaled Models of Flow and Transport in Faulted Sandstone; Boundary Condition Effects and Explicit Fracture Modelling, Eric A. Flodin, Atilla Aydin, and Louis J. Durlofsky

Application of hydrogeologic settings in groundwater vulnerability mapping in LaGrange County, Indiana, Solomon Isiorho

Facies Mosaics Across the Persian Gulf and Around Antigua; Stochastic and Deterministic Products of Shallow-water Sediment Accumulation, Bruce H. Wilkinson and Carl N. Drummond

Submissions from 2003

Strategic Planning for Research Administration, Carl N. Drummond

Mammoths, Sabertooths, and Hominids: 65 Million Years of Mammalian Evolution in Europe by Jordi Arusti and Mauricio Anton, James O. Farlow

Dinosaur trackways of Dinosaur State Park, Rocky Hill, Connecticut, James O. Farlow and P. M. Galton

Body Size Overlap, Habitat Partitioning, and Living Space Requirements of Terrestrial Vertebrate Predators: Implications for Large-Theropod Paleoecology, James O. Farlow and E. R. Pianka

Dinosaur State Park, Connecticut, USA: Historia, Footprints, Trackways, Exhibits, P. M. Galton and James O. Farlow

A Fourier Method to Describe and Compare Suture Patterns, Raymond F. Gildner

Body Mass Estimates of Phytosaurs (Archosauria: Parasuchidae) from the Petrified Forest Formation (Chinle Group: Revueltian) Based on Skull and Limb Bone Measurements, G. R. Hurlburt, A. B. Heckert, and James O. Farlow

Osteometric Approaches to Trackmaker Assignment for the Neward Supergroup Ichogenera Grallator, Anchisauripus, and Eubrontes, J. B. Smith and James O. Farlow

Submissions from 2002

Kuwait, Solomon Isiorho

Submissions from 2001

Taphonomic Reworking and Stratal Organization of Tempestite Deposition, Carl N. Drummond and Hope Sheets


gts, Raymond F. Gildner

Submissions from 2000

Exploring the Statistics of Sedimentary Bed Thicknesses; Two Case Studies, Carl N. Drummond and John Coates

Conjunctive Water Use as a Solution to Sustainable Economic Development in Lake Chad, Basin, Africa, Solomon A. Isiorho, J A. Oguntola, and A Olojoba

Submissions from 1999

The Effects of Bay Type and Meter Size on Seepage Measurements, Solomon A. Isiorho and John H. Meyer

Submissions from 1998

Paleobiology of the Dinosaurs, James O. Farlow

Submissions from 1997

The Complete Dinosaur, James O. Farlow and M. K. Brett-Surman

Stratigraphic Resolution and Perceptions of cycle Architecture: variations in meter-scale cyclicity in the type Cincinnatian Series, Arnold I. Miller, Steve M. Holland, Benjamin F. Dattilo, and David L. Meyer

Submissions from 1996

A quantitative paleoecological approach to high-resolution cyclic and event stratigraphy: the Upper Ordovician Miamitown Shale in the Type Cincinnatian, Benjamin F. Dattilo

Spontaneous Abortions: Possibly Related to Ingestion of Nitrate- Contaminated Well Water - LaGrange County, Indiana, B Grant, G Steele, and Solomon A. Isiorho

Seepage Measurements From Long Lake, Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore, Solomon A. Isiorho, F M. Beeching, P M. Stewart, and R L. Whitman

Seepage Relationship Between Lake Chad and the Chad Aquifers, Solomon A. Isiorho, G Matisoff, and K When

Submissions from 1993

The Lower Ordovician Fillmore Formation of western Utah: storm-dominated sedimentation on a passive margin., Benjamin F. Dattilo

Submissions from 1991

On the Tracks of Dinosaurs, James O. Farlow