Document Type

Special Project

Degree Name

Master of Science in Education


Professional Studies


Special Education

First Advisor

Jane M. Leatherman, PhD, Chair

Committee Members

Jane M. Leatherman, PhD, Chair, Jeong-il Cho, PhD, Rama Cousik, PhD

Date of Award



Writing skills in students from the elementary to college level have declined in the past decade. Due to Indiana state legislation, the focus on writing in public schools has regressed, while reading and math have been pushed to the forefront of education reform. Writing skills are comprised of spelling, handwriting, cognitive, fine motor, and stamina skills. Teachers are reluctant to teach writing for a variety of reasons. This study focuses on different barriers that elementary school teachers, from one elementary school in the Whitley County Consolidated School district, have when teaching narrative, persuasive, and research pieces of writing to all students with varying abilities. Results of this study show that teacher barriers do exist when teaching writing at the elementary level, and it is important to identify and overcome those barriers, so students get the education they deserve and are prepared to compete globally for superior employment opportunities.


barriers, narrative, persuasive, research, writing


Special Education and Teaching